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Bentley Motors Invests in Solar Energy

Bentley Motors , which will be marking its 100th anniversary in July 2019, today reinforces its commitment to sustainable energy with the installation of the largest solar car port in the United Kingdom at its factory headquarters in Crewe. The installation of 10,000 solar panels, which have a capacity of 2.7 Megawatts (MW), cover 1,378 car parking spaces and an area of 16,426 square meters, which is enough to cover two football pitches. Bentley estimates that the system could reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 3,300 tonnes a year.

The largest solar panel array in the United Kingdom…

… is at the car parking area of the Bentley Motors factory in Crewe.

The company’s substantial investment in renewable energy means that all the electricity used to manufacture every Bentley is produced by the solar panels or purchased as “certified green energy”. This energy shift also marks a milestone for Bentley in its centenary year.

Solar energy will power most of Bentley’s production operations.

Most Bentley cars henceforth will be produced using clean energy.

Commenting on Bentley’s investment, Peter Bosch, Bentley’s Member of the Board for Manufacturing, said, “It’s important to look ahead and prepare the business for the next 100 years by investing significantly in our products, our people and our site infrastructure. This includes new initiatives that reinforce our commitment to the environment.”

Peter Bosch, Bentley Member of the Board for Manufacturing

“Whether this is introducing alternative powertrain technologies in future models, or our award-winning work to reduce the environmental impact of our factory, these sustainable measures strengthen our desire to lead the way in sustainable luxury mobility”, Bosch added.

Bentley is working on alternative powertrain technologies for the future.