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Editor’s Note

Our Reaction to “Some Very Interesting But Also Scary Predictions”

A few days before the New Year, a good friend sent us an online message regarding “Some Very Interesting But Also Scary Predictions” about the future. We were interested and somewhat amused with most of the predictions, especially those that refer to the future of mobility. However, we tend to disagree with some predictions and got scared by the others. ...

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The Real Influencers

Nowadays, “influencer” is such a big buzzword in social media. By definition, influencers are people who affect a sale or the viability of a product, but are typically removed from the actual purchase decision. In short, they influence people to buy a product without actually pushing the product to the buyers. It used to be that consultants, analysts, journalists, academics, ...

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Dream Car Lottery

Sometime in October 2018, when the Philippine Lotto 6/58 grand prize exceeded a billion pesos, I had a dream that my wife Shawie won it. She gave me P50M to spend on cars and I immediately went on a shopping spree. I always wanted a Porsche so I went to the PGA Cars showroom along EDSA in Greenhills, San Juan, ...

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