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Nissan Philippines Ends 2023 Fiscal Year with a Robust Product Lineup and Enhanced Services

Nissan Philippines celebrates its significant milestones achieved through a refreshed product line-up and services as it ends its 2023 fiscal year. From showcasing new products to launching innovative technologies, Nissan continues to push its own boundaries and inspire adventure and excitement.

In May 2023, Nissan embarked on an exhilarating journey with its El Nido #GoAnywhere media drive, highlighting its robust 4×4 lineup while promoting its Blue Switch initiative. The event served as a platform to educate stakeholders on the benefits of Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) technology, reinforcing Nissan’s commitment to innovation and sustainability.


Furthering its commitment to promoting eco-tourism and adventure, Nissan renewed its partnership with the Department of Tourism (DOT) for Drive Pinas. The initiative kicked off with a to the popular local destination, La Union, with the introduction of the New Nissan Almera with NissanConnect Services. The partnership highlights Nissan’s dedication to enhancing the Filipino driving experience while supporting local tourism.

A landmark moment in Nissan’s technological advancements came with the launch of NissanConnect Services, a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing connectivity and convenience for Nissan owners. This milestone reaffirms Nissan’s position as a frontrunner in automotive innovation, providing customers with seamless connectivity and personalized experiences on the road.

Meanwhile in the realm of motorsports, Nissan solidified its legacy with the launch of the iconic Z and GT-R, praised by enthusiasts for their performance and heritage. These legendary vehicles further cement Nissan’s reputation as a local powerhouse in motorsports. Nissan’s legacy also extends beyond the realm of traditional racing, proven by its participation in Formula E. By sending media to events like the Tokyo ePrix, Nissan Philippines showcases its dedication to sustainable mobility and technology.

Nissan Philippines also achieved significant success in its sales endeavors, growing its market share to 6.5% with an increase of 31.8% compared to the previous fiscal year, and more than twice the industry’s average growth. The Navara remains to be the best selling vehicle in Nissan’s lineup, with over 11,000 units sold in Fiscal Year 2023. It is followed by the Terra, which sold over 6,000 units in the same period. Notably, Nissan was also able to sell over 1,000 units of the Patrol, which emerged as a popular choice among customers. This showcases the brand’s ability to deliver high-quality vehicles tailored to local preferences.

Reflecting on its achievements, Nissan Philippines is poised to maintain its momentum in 2024. Moreover, Nissan’s recognition as the Top 7 Employer of the Year, awarded by the Philippine Daily Inquirer in partnership with Statista, further solidifies its position as not only a leader in the automotive industry but also as an employer of choice in the Philippines.