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The DOE – Petron, Fuel Economy Run Results

The Department of Energy (DOE) and Petron Corporation released Fuel Economy Rating certificates to 22 car brands which participated in the recently concluded DOE Euro 4 Fuel Economy Run which aimed to provide vital information on the fuel economy performance of vehicles and raise public awareness on the use of cleaner and more efficient Euro 4 fuels.

The certificates were given during a presentation ceremony at the Makati Diamond Residences.

Twenty-one car companies in the Philippine market fielded a total of 70 models of various body types and engine displacements last May 27 to mark the 12th Fuel Economy Run led by the DOE. They traversed a preset route of 280-kilometers starting from Petron Clark station in Angeles City, Pampanga, through SCTEX (Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway), TPLEX (Tarlac-Pangasinan-La Union Expressway), and back, in a controlled run to approximate standard driving conditions.

Of the vehicles fueled by Petron XCS (95-RON), 27 out of 38 gasoline vehicles, or a significant 71% of the entries, produced fuel economy ratings exceeding 20 kilometers for every liter.

For vehicles powered by Petron Turbo Diesel, 21 out of 32 participants (66%) achieved over 20 km/l.

The best performances were registered by a Suzuki Celerio with 29.14 km/L using Petron XCS, and an Isuzu D-Max getting 38.46 km/L on Petron Turbo Diesel. The fuel economy ratings obtained in the run serve to expand the Philippine Energy Standards and Labeling Program (PESLP) of the DOE.

The car companies that received Fuel Economy Ratings include:

Asianbrands Motors Corporation (Mahindra)

Automobile Central Enterprise Inc. (Volkswagen),

Bayan Automotive Industries Corporation (BAIC),

Berjaya Auto Philippines (Mazda),

British United Automobiles Inc.,

Columbian Autocar Corporation (Kia),

Eurobrands Distributor Inc. (Peugeot),

Ford Group Philippines,

Foton Motor Philippines Inc.,

Honda Cars Philippines Inc.,

Hyundai Asia Resources Inc.,

Isuzu Philippines Corporation,

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation,

Motor Image Pilipinas Inc. (Subaru),

Nissan Philippines Inc.,

PGA Cars Inc. (Audi / Porsche),

Pilipinas Taj Autogroup Inc. (Tata Motors),

Suzuki Philippines Inc.,

The Covenant Car Company Inc. (Chevrolet),

Toyota Motor Philippines Corporation,

and Volvo Philippines.

The DOE Euro 4 Fuel Economy Run, the first in the country, forms part of DOE’s efforts to promote judicious utilization of energy. Results of the run also aim to guide consumers buying vehicles by highlighting the importance of fuel economy rating aside from performance, quality, and safety. In addition, the DOE also wishes to promote the use of Euro 4 fuels, which it mandated in January this year. Euro 4 fuels are more environment-friendly, as they contain significantly lesser amount of sulfur and benzene.

On the part of Petron, the results confirm the TriActiv performance advantages of their specially-formulated Euro 4 fuels, including: (1) better engine protection for longer engine life; (2) better mileage for longer drives; and (3) better power. The excellent fuel economy ratings achieved by a majority of the participating vehicles also serve to reaffirm Petron’s massive US $2-billion investment to upgrade its Bataan Refinery. Petron is now the only oil company capable of locally producing environment-friendly and premium fuels while assuring reliable supply of fuel variants that meet the needs of Filipino motorists.


Info-graphic by Raymund Ravanera