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Mio MiVue™ Dash Cams – now available in the Philippines

Mio officially introduces their latest MiVue™ series of dashboard cameras in the Philippines, featuring Super High Definition video recording quality and F1.8 (F2.0 in some models) aperture to provide clearer and wider-angle video while on the road.

The latest generation Mio MiVue™ series consists of 3 premium dash cam models: Mio MiVueC320, 698, and 658 WiFi. The Mio MiVue™ series is a revolutionary collection of high quality dash cams that allows drivers to comprehensively record their daily driving activities, enriching their safety and security on the road. MiVue™ DVRs can capture videos with sharper image quality and in more vivid colors, whether recording during the day or night.

The MiVue™ C320 features a 2-inch screen with a sensor that has 2 million pixels, ideal in-car DVR for any vehicle, the MiVue™ C320 has a 1080p full HD display mode, a built-in G-Sensor, F2.0 glass lens aperture, and has a wide-angle 130 degree view angle with no blind spot. It supports 128gb memory for up to 22 hours of continuous recording. The MiVueC320 retails for Php 4,990.00

The MiVue™ 698 is your personal eyewitness on the road, with integrated GPS and lifetime safety camera alerts for optimal safety on the road, it features a 2.7-inch touch screen panel with 3 million pixel sensor. The MiVue™ 698 has a F1.8 aperture, built-in GPS and G-sensor, super HD 1296p front camera resolution, and equipped with a 140 degree field of view wide-angle lens that can capture every detail during critical moments on the road. It holds up to 128gb memory for up to 22 hours of continuous recording. The MiVue698 retails for Php 7,990.00

The MiVue™ 658 WiFi features a 2.7-inch touch panel with a 4 million pixel sensor, the ultimate in-car DVR that enables the driver to instantly send and share recordings to a smartphone via the integrated WiFi feature. The MiVue™ 658 WiFi also records videos in Extreme HD quality but smaller file size. It has a F1.8 aperture for brighter and clearer videos even in low light conditions. The MiVue658 WiFi retails for Php 9,990.00


Mio MiVue™ dash cams provides high-quality video recording through the following key features: Premium Lens made of glass with 1 infrared filter, Mio MiVue™ dash cams are tested through the world’s first certified Drive Video Recorder testing chamber with every product passing over 50 quality tests and 300-hour non-stop recording tests, and they also have multiple ISO certifications which assures the user of product quality.

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