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Lexus Introduces The Remote Guest Experience

Lexus takes pride in the hospitality that it shows its customers at the Lexus Manila dealership. This spirit of Japanese hospitality–otherwise known as ‘Omotenashi’–is at the center of the Lexus brand after all. Taking care of the Lexus customer is paramount, so the necessary precautions (thorough disinfection, mandatory face mask use, social-distancing guidelines, and strict temperature checks) have already been put in place early on to elevate Lexus Manila’s safety standards amidst this global pandemic.

To further enhance the hospitality that Lexus extends to its customers, the brand is offering a unique way of showcasing its products. Introducing the Lexus Remote Guest Experience, where customers who want to get to know the Lexus lineup of vehicles intimately can do so from the comfort and security of their own homes. It’s a series of guided 360-degree walkthrough videos which will make users feel the same experience as they would when in the Lexus Manila showroom, inside of the vehicle, and with a sales consultant by their side.

There’s a certain magic that comes from visiting the Lexus Manila showroom and seeing the stable of vehicles up close; hearing their engines; sitting down in and feeling their masterfully crafted interiors; and examining the intricate details of the sculpted bodywork. Chatting with knowledgeable sales consultants about the finer points of each model leaves visitors with a deeper appreciation of the craftsmanship and engineering behind every Lexus and is a highlight of every customer’s visit as well. The Lexus Remote Guest Experience will deliver the same feeling to you–regardless of where you are. You may experience it yourself by visiting this link: https://fal.cn/39Nda

Lexus sales consultants will guide you through the unique features of every car, just like they would at the Lexus Manila Showroom. And when you are ready to buy the Lexus model you desire, Lexus also offers a hassle-free contactless purchase journey called Lexus Remote.

Sales consultants will guide you through the NX, which has been Lexus’s best-selling model in its segment since its introduction. It remains to be a favorite, even until today. It comes in three variants: the NX 300, NX 300 F-Sport, and the NX 300 Self-Charging Hybrid. The F-sport has a 2.0L direct-injection turbocharged gasoline engine, with an all-wheel drivetrain and an intelligent 6-speed automatic transmission.

Get to know the RX as well, the pioneer of the luxury SUV segment, and one of the most popular SUVs in the Philippines. It comes in four different variants: the RX 350, the RX 350 F-Sport, the recently-introduced RX 350 3-Row, and the RX 450 Self-Charging Hybrid. The Lexus Remote Guest Experience will walk you through all of the RX’s features, including the multimedia touchscreen which offers control of other functions of the RX such as the Lexus Climate Concierge and the 15-speaker Mark Levinson Sound System.

And then there is the ES 350–Lexus’s most popular sedan. It offers spaciousness and refinement with a coupe-like silhouette. The ES is powered by a 300 brake horsepower 3.5-liter V6 engine mated to an 8-speed automatic transmission. You will notice its low, wide stance, and a head-turning fascia, especially with its unique waterfall-inspired Lexus spindle grille.


How we interact is different now, but you can rest assured that Lexus remains true to its human-centered approach by reaching out to its customers in this unique way. The world has changed and our daily lives will never be the same again. Thankfully, some things still remain constant. The spirit of ‘Omotenashi’ is even stronger than before. Experience it through the Lexus Remote Guest Experience today.