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HinoPH breaks ground in Isabela

Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the exclusive distributor of Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines, marks its first full-service dealership in Isabela with a ground-breaking ceremony. HMP is confident Hino Isabela will provide efficient trucking solutions to meet the growing logistics demand in the city.

To date, the new dealership in Isabela counts as the 18th Hino dealership launched in the country. This continuous expansion serves as a testament of HMP’s undying commitment to providing high quality trucks, buses and automated services to the Filipino people.

As a full-service dealership, Hino Isabela offers a wide variety of trucks and buses from 300 light-duty truck series to 500 medium-duty truck series and 700 heavy-duty models to cater to the different and specific needs of each client. Every truck, bus and spare parts take pride in the innovative Japanese technology behind HMP’s manufacturing.

“Hino continues to strengthen its commitment as a total support provider by opening a new dealership here in Isabela. Hino understands the high demand for quality trucks and buses in Isabela, where the main business sector is agri-business. Hino Isabela will serve as the new business partner to ensure smooth logistic operations and supply chain management systems,” HMP President Mr. Hiroshi Aoki said.

In addition to being the country’s second largest province of the Philippines, Isabela is the “Regional Trade and Industrial Center of north-eastern Luzon” where Agriculture is its biggest industry. As the country’s top corn producing province, it contributes 21% of the annual national yellow corn production. High-value agricultural crops grown in Isabela include monggo, tobacco, coffee, banana, and mango. Its livestock and poultry industries are also on the rise, especially dairy processing, hog production, cattle breeding, and commercial poultry raising.

A growing number of foreign and local investors have selected Isabela as site of their business ventures. Leading car, motorcycle and truck manufacturers and many other companies entered the province over the past years.

HMP has been engaged in the assembly and exclusive distribution of quality Hino trucks and buses in the Philippines for more than 40 years. HMP addresses the transport needs of businesses ranging from small and medium enterprises to big corporations by providing safe, durable and reliable trucks.