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Ending the New Year with a New You: No More Excuses as Lalamove Helps Save your New Year’s Resolution


Every time the new year rolls around, everyone decides to get up, make a resolution list, and work toward achieving their goals for the year…but while so many people take up the challenge, most tend to fail at some point within the year. Luckily, Lalamove is here to help keep you on track until you complete your resolution!

A common resolution that everyone lists is relative to health and fitness goals. New Year’s Day flies by quicker than you know it, and unfortunately so does the enthusiasm to achieve that “new you” you envisioned to be the end of the year. Achieving that figure you want is difficult if your diet doesn’t supplement your workout routine, most especially if you’re too busy to prepare healthy food— so let Lalamove offer a solution through its free insulated box, delivering your New Year, New Me meals fresh and safe from the healthiest restaurant options nearby.

Financial goals are another common resolution, mostly because the holiday season garnered some impulsive and uncontrollable spending habits.  Following the “Rule of Thirds” can be a little hard over the year as you find your newest wants and needs appearing over time, so let Lalamove make things a little easier by making deliveries fast, cheap and reliable.

Many folks also included building or maintaining a relationship goal this year. From the singles ready to mingle to those taken but calling it complicated, lots of people are looking to better a relationship. This isn’t easy though as sometimes people tend to become too busy even for their partners. Lalamove can prevent this by helping to make sure your care and affection packages get to that special someone in time!

Of course, what year begins without someone making out their travel goals? From the coveted beach shot for the Instrgram feed to the iconic foreign landmarks gracing the background of your selfies, the photos and memories will always be worth the trip. Don’t let this sparkling journey be tarnished by forgetting the important things, like your charger or camera or, heaven forbid, your passport! With Lalamove’s quality drivers and real-time tracking, you can guarantee that your items will be kept safe.

The start of 2019 marks yet another start of the New Year, New Me trend. Regardless of what your resolution is, Lalamove will be there to help you achieve it. From small things like buying that new phone to big things like moving homes, they’ve got your covered. Cheers to the life you live and another year or of highs, lows, and higher highs! Start the year with a bang and whenever you need quick delivery services, Lalamove it!