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2015 Hyundai Lateral Drift Championship Series Round 6, Finals

Saturday, November 28, 2015, at the Clark International Speedway, Lateral Drift Productions, the longest running Drift Series in the country held its finals for this season.

The track used for the final round, was a big loop. It features a fast straight with where you can reach of speeds of upto 105kph into a quick left drift initiation to a rear clip drift finishing with a few short drift transitions and this all happens in front of Japanese judges Kimihiro Obata, Hiromi Kajikoma and with Paolo “Speedballs” Arespacochaga.

The day started with the Saffiro Tires Amateur division and unlike the pros, they were only required to initiate drift later which makes for a shorter drift with a lower entry speed of 60-80Kph. John Lazaga of Team GMW with his old school lift back took 1st place as he secured his 1st overall Amateur Championship this season. In 2nd place is Alex Nunez in his S13 also of Team GMW who took 2nd and 2nd in overall this season. 3rd place went to Norman Wycoco again of Team GMW driving his S14 who took 3rd for round 6. It was a landslide victory for Team GMW as they took 1st, 2nd and 3rd on the podium. Stephen Ng of Team Kowloon House who was also gunning for this year crown wasn’t present and had to attend to personal matters.

Left to right Hiromi Kajikuma, Alex Nunez 2nd, Kimihiro Obata, 1st John Nunez, Norman Wycoco 3rd, and Paolo Arespacochaga

Over In the pro division, the level of competition was so high that any of the top 3 drifters had a chance of clinching this year’s overall Pro-Championship. Ralph Tan driving his S14 of A-Toy Custom fell short as Boodie Da Basol of Team GMW shuts the door on him in their tandem battle, leaving Gio Rodriguez and his Cefiro A31 of Team A-toy Customs battling him for top position. Rodriguez has already secured his title as he entered the top 4.

The only left for Da Basol to do is win round 6. Rodriguez and Da Basol battled it out too close to call for the judges, that they had to call for more drift runs. In the end they collided and Da basol’s Mitsubishi L-type Lancer suffered damage and couldn’t continue anymore. Rodriguez took round 6 and defends his title again this season and is now the 3rd time Lateral Drift Champion.

Left to right Hiromi Kajikuma, Boodie Da Basol 2nd, Kimihiro Obata, 1st Gio Rodriguez, Audel Sison 3rd, and Paolo Arespacochaga

Lateral Drift Productions would like to thank all the followers of Hyundai Lateral Drift Championship Series this year and also would like to thank Hyundai Asia Resources Inc. for supporting the Lateral Drift series for its 3rd year now, also to Saffiro Tires, Aguila Autoglass and Dickies.

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