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Which Type of Jeep Owner Are You?


First order of business is to get the low down this 2021. Rainy season is finally here and it’s time to gear up for the weather. Good thing Jeep is offering some good deals of the accessories for all the brand’s vehicles. And besides, wouldn’t you like to look dashing while soaking in the rain? Well, since you’re already in a situation that calls for it, might as well look good. 



If you’re into pop culture, music, film, art, and everything that sparks creativity, you would love the Renegade. 

There’s a lot to explore in the city, with the hidden nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered, circles to be engaged, and experiences to be weft through the mystical night. With the narrow roads in the urban skirts, this Sub-compact SUV would be the most convenient companion to bring around, and you wouldn’t have to worry about parking.

Just imagine by the time events are allowed again, all the shoving, the waiting, the crowd blocking the road when the location you’re heading is just by the next street, and you, looking for your car from the sea of vehicles all looking almost exactly alike. With its distinctive Omaha Orange hue and the unusual craftsmanship and aesthetic, obviously you’ll never have a hard time distinguishing which car is yours, sticking out bright and bizarre.

So, if ever you plan to upgrade the look of your Renegade, Jeep is offering an exclusive promo of the LED lights (P47,000) and LED Fog Lamps (P8,700). Surely, the crowd will give way once you flash them lights. It’s even waterproof, suited for the stormy weather.



Seeing the Compass on the road has its own way of getting the attention of the city dwellers especially when its exterior is painted in white clear-coat. It’s a stand-alone non-verbal automobile that expresses its subtle yet crisp and appealing character. A vehicle that can be described as both mysterious and upfront in one sentence. If it were a person, it can also be described as ‘a man of few words ‘, and the rest can speak for itself.

 For the people who are drawn to wellness, fitness, and sports, this would be the most suitable companion, equipped with cutting edge technology and features with both the driver and passenger in mind. 

As this moving vehicle stores a 1.4 Liter I-4 MULTIAIR Engine, how considerate and convenient to try the different workout studios scattered around the area, servicing different types of athletic conventions that are up to date. This would be also aesthetically favorable to the people who are into the urban athleisure. Dressing from head to toe, extending to the roaming home. 

For an exclusive offer of the LED Headlights (P49,800), this can lift and carry a look, like an after effect of a toned body wearing hug-fitting clothes. It helps when you set some minor changes — accessorize.



With this one, this deserves an owner who seeks the truth, an individual who lives a life of an old soul yet is open to the ways of the new. A vehicle ready to flee for adventures, ready for a challenge if anything comes charging. This is for the people who wants to have the experience first-hand, who likes to gather new information and insights they could bring back home, and paint the town red, Firecracker Red to be exact. 

Now, with this mid-sized pick-up, it demands to be accessorized for heavy duty, depending on the type of battles you want to journey on. The Gladiator has two sets to choose from; one is the Basic Set (P162,000) that comes with a Running Board, 7-inch Round Head Lamp, and a 4-inch LED Fog Lamp; and the other is the Advanced Set (P174,100) that has a Steel Front Bumper, Removable Rack Kit, 7-inch Round Head Lamp, a 4-inch LED Fog Lamp with DRL, a pair of rear and front grab handles.

We know the Gladiator looks good as it is. But why not make it look better, right?



Lastly, the one which started it all, the authentic mechanical craftsmanship that’s born to lead and fight for freedom with passion and pride. If you are the type who’s not afraid to lead, explore, innovate, and dream, then meet your match. 

This pioneering moving engine needs no introduction, really. It speaks for itself and the service it has done in contribution to world history. Trail-rated and tested through time through obstacles and adversities. The type of owner to be paired with this vehicle should be as strong as it, the best in whatever field or type of industry, the leader that guides others to be great, and passionate seeps through his/her work. 

Guaranteed, one of the world’s toughest cars that provides reliability and durability for adventure seekers who are out to live life to the fullest, off-road, on the road, wherever you may be. 

Initially, this was built for tough roads ahead, with this generation, it offers the ever yet Technology Advanced vehicle of its kind, to stay connected, in command, assured with security and comfort. 

An Icon such as the Wrangler deserves to be customized. Spoil it with the Jeep Wrangler Accessories Package (P170,000) that comes with a 2-inch Lift Kit, 7-inch Round Head Lamp, and 4-inch LED Fog Lamp with DRL. 

It’s all about the details.

Now that we have specifically lay down the types of models for your personality, which one are you? After you figure it out. Get to accessorize your vehicle using the exclusive promo (available while supplies lasts.)


For more information on the Jeep Accessories and the vehicles, you may visit their website. https://www.jeep.com.ph/en

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