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When Do You Need to Change Your Car Windshield Wipers?

Your car’s windshield wipers are very important as they serve as your first line of defense when driving under torrential rains. The wipers also instantly get rid of small debris that block your view when driving under any weather condition. Because road accidents usually happen due to poor driving visibility, windshield wipers are considered most vital for safe driving, along with lights. 
However, proper maintenance of windshield wipers is often overlooked. Fortunately, wiper blades can easily be replaced by any DIY motorist and doing so may not be costly at all. Still, every car owner should observe ways to properly take care of wiper blades.

Taking Care of Wiper Blades

When having your car washed, don’t overlook cleaning the windshield wiper blades as dirt stuck on those could cause trouble when you use the wipers. You may use soft cloth to wipe clean the wiper blades to avoid any possible problem. 
Inspect your windshield wipers and their blades as frequently as you possibly can. Look out for several potential issues when doing so. Those include metal corrosion, a broken frame, or any visible damage appearing in the rubber part. When any or all of these are observed, get ready to replace the blades. 

The Right Time to Replace Wipers

In general, it is advisable to replace your car’s wiper blades yearly or when there is a noticeable difference in their performance. If you often take out-of-town vacation or business trips (whatever the season), it is a must to include inspecting your windshield wipers to make sure those remain in ideal condition for the long drive. Don’t hesitate to make a replacement when you see smears, skips, or streaks when you use your windshield wipers and when those affect your driving visibility. Unlikely noise created by the wipers can also indicate a need for replacement. 
Another advisable time is before the onset of the rainy season, which usually starts by the end of May each year. This is to make sure the windshield wipers are always in reliable and best condition especially during stormy or rainy days—a necessity for your overall driving safety. 
Is your car often exposed to harsh sunlight? Do you park your vehicle in an open-space parking lot all day, every day? Your car’s wiper blades could easily dry out, which may affect their effectiveness and flexibility. This is also the reason why in countries like the Philippines, experts advise that wiper blades be replaced more frequently.
If you properly maintain your car windshield wipers and you are still dissatisfied with their performance, you could consider other brands that offer superior wiper performance.

Trust Only The Best

One of the best brands to consider in the market is Valeo, a European tech and automotive parts company. It offers automotive wiper systems that include a complete range of windshield wipers. Its products are meticulously designed and manufactured to be efficient, attractive, and easily adaptable for any type of vehicle in the Philippines and even in the entire Southeast Asian region. 
Check out Valeo First, which carries the brand’s reputable wiper blades in the aftermarket segment. As an original equipment supplier, Valeo manufactures over 100 million wiper blades annually—distributed in 33 countries, including the Philippines. Its wiper blades are synonymous to superior performance, durability, and best design. 
“We are proud to distribute Valeo windshield wipers in the country”, said Benjamin Bangayan Jr., President of BSB Junrose, the local distributor of Valeo original parts. “The brand’s promise to bring ‘Smart Technology for Smarter Mobility’ naturally aligns with BSB Junrose’s commitment to provide only the best automotive supplies to vehicle owners in the country.”
Visit any of BSB Junrose’s authorized resellers now to inquire about and purchase Valeo windshield wipers. Check out the Valeo Official Store page on Lazada and follow them on Facebook (VOSPH) for their latest updates.