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Viva Roma! 2019 Cavalcade Classiche Ferrari in Rome

Ciao, bello! Here’s something to beat the home quarantine blues: a cache of photos featuring stunning Ferrari sports cars of various vintage participating in the Cavalcade Classiche Ferrari held in Rome, Italy in September 20 to 22 last year. Over 80 classic Ferraris were driven by their enthusiastic owners around Rome, the first time that a large number of Ferrari sports cars converged in the historic city.

A herd of classic Prancing Horses against the background of a picturesque blue lake is a sight for sore eyes.

This classic Ferrari race car came all the way from Australia to join the romp in Italy.

Two classic Ferrari 250 GT coupes from the 1950’s follow their racing counterpart from the same era down a mountain pass.

The Cavalcade passed through stunning Italian scenery and towns, some of which have never before been part of a major motoring event. In homage to Rome’s history, for example, the journey traced the ancient consular roads, such as the Tiburtina, the Salaria, the Flaminia, the Cassia and the Appia.

If you find yourself wandering in a parking lot full of classic Ferraris…

… or slowly crawling through a tree-lined avenue with nothing but Ferraris parked around you, consider yourself blessed.

A red 365 GTB Daytona is followed by a silver one around the outskirts of Rome.

On the first day of the Cavalcade (September 20, Friday), the Ferrari owners explored the Lazio countryside, passing through Borgo San Pietro on Lake Salto and Rieti before climbing Mount Terminillo and then visiting the magnificent Marmore Falls. On their second day (September 21, Saturday), they learned the art and history of Todi and Viterbo before stopping for lunch opposite the Palace of the Popes.

Seeing Rossa Corse red: A 166MM Barchettta follows a Dino 246 along a smooth highway passing through lush foliage and trees.

The Cavalcade arrives in front of Palace of Popes for their lunch break.

Would you really stop to eat lunch with such a fantastic sight before you?

September 22, Sunday was dedicated to Rome and its hills along a route that approaches the city through Frascati, Castel Gandolfo and the Archaeological Park of Appia Antica.

A Dino 246 GT, finished in Ferrari Giallo (Fly Yellow), was one of the 80 cars getting admiring looks at Rome’s historic spots.

As the saying goes, “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”…

… and drive your Italian sports car around the centuries-old Roman Colosseum.

A final parade through the streets of Rome offered a great show not only for the Ferrari owners, but for all locals and tourists who are admirers of the Prancing Horse.

A Ferrari 250 GT Coupe gets the same attention from the admiring onlookers as the race cars behind it…

… in a city that is full of art and culture from its buildings to its galleries.

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One of the rarest Ferrari race cars, a 1957 500 TRC, enjoyed prancing around during the entire Cavalcade.

Before the participants of the 2019 Cavalcade Classiche Ferrari 2019 could say “Arrivederci, Roma“, their Ferrari sports cars, including some rare ones like the 1954 750 Monza, 1957 500 TRC,  and 1964 275 GTB were exhibited in the park of Villa Borghese for the public to admire them.