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The Search is on for the Most-Seasoned Subaru

Motor Image Pilipinas, Inc., the exclusive distributor of Subaru vehicles in the Philippines, is tapping all Subaru owners as the Search for the Most Seasoned Subaru (SSS) commences from November 19, 2017 to January 31, 2018.

Built to last and engineered to perform, Subaru vehicles are testament to craftsmanship that boasts of durability and longevity. This is the reason why Motor Image Pilipinas is launching the search for the Subaru Vehicle that stood the test of time, as this serves as proof of the superior quality and build of Subaru vehicles.

To be eligible to join, the baseline requirements are as follows:

  • Subaru Vehicle
  • At least 100,000 KM Mileage on Odometer
  • Name registered in OR / CR must match name of Owner who submits entry
  • Currently registered in LTO / Road Legal
  • In Good Running Condition
  • No aesthetic / exterior Physical Damage
  • 100% Stock with No Tolerance on Minor Modifications

If all requirements are met, aspiring contestants should log on to http://www.subaru.asia/sss and input all of the details in the microsite. Basic information and data will be needed such as:

  • Make / Model
  • Model Year
  • Actual Mileage of Car (must be 100,000km or more)
  • Name of Owner (must match name in OR / CR)
  • Scanned Copy of OR / CR
  • Scanned Copy of Owner’s ID
  • Photos of Vehicle (Front, Left Side, Right Side, Rear, Engine, Interior)

Upon completion of the entry, all details will be submitted to the After Sales Department of Motor Image Pilipinas for screening. The contestant will receive an acknowledgement e-mail if all requirements are met and received.

The final criteria will be as follows:

40% Truthfulness of Submitted Information

60% Exterior, Interior and Running Condition

Judging and deliberation will commence from February 1 to 8, and the winner will then be invited to an awarding ceremony by the 2nd week of February.

The winner will be entitled to the following prizes:

  • Authentication Certificate from Motor Image Enterprises
  • Travel GC worth Php 30,000
  • A half-page Testimonial Advertisement featuring the winner and his Subaru vehicle
  • A year’s supply of V Power Racing Fuel from Shell

So, do you think you own the Most-Seasoned Subaru in the country? It’s time to introduce your car to the world!