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Suzuki Kicks Off the New Year with “Ride Your Adventure” Promo

The fireworks may have subsided but the festivities continue for Suzuki Philippines Inc. (SPH). The country’s pioneer compact car distributor recently shared some good news to kick off the start of the new year, announcing its Ride Your Adventure Promo, which runs from January 1-31, 2022.

Suzuki welcomes the new year with renewed hope and a reinvigorated desire to elevate the level of service to our loyal patrons, past, present and future, to newer heights,” shares Mr. Keiichi, Vice President and General Manager of Suzuki Automobile Division. “We are truly excited for what 2022 has in store for the ever-growing Suzuki family, in terms of potential growth and reach across the country.


The Ride Your Adventure Promo mechanics include low downpayment offers and huge cash discounts on the New Ciaz, all variants of the New Vitara AllGrip, and the Suzuki Dzire.

New Ciaz – New year, new you? Up your game and have a crack at a more refined and elegant driver’s experience with a complete sedan known for its more-than-ample interior space, outstanding comfort and driving performance.

The New Ciaz GL AT is being offered at an incredibly low downpayment of Php 29,000 through the brand’s Ride Your Adventure Promo, and a cash discount of Php 100,000.

New Vitara AllGrip – Embrace your inner child with Suzuki’s New Vitara AllGrip. Known for its power, efficient performance, advance features – including the AllGrip system – and cutting-edge technology, the New Vitara AllGrip might just be the trustworthy companion for all endeavors, on and off-road, that you may have been looking for.

No longer just a pipedream, the New Vitara AllGrip can now be purchased for a downpayment as low as Php 69,000 and/or a whopping cash discount of Php 250,000!

Dzire – Indulge your desires this 2022 with Suzuki’s authentic subcompact sedan. Comfortable interiors, a stylish exterior, convenient city sizing and the added advantage of being low maintenance make the Suzuki Dzire widely known for having anything and everything its owner needs. Now, you too can have all you desire for a downpayment as low as Php 39,000 and/or cash discounts of up to Php 60,000.


For more information, you may visit any of the 72 authorized Suzuki Auto dealerships nationwide or visit http://suzuki.com.ph/auto/. For daily updates on Suzuki, please like Suzuki Auto Ph’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SuzukiAutoPh, follow them on twitter at https://twitter.com/SuzukiAutoPh and Instagram at @suzukiautoph.