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TATAph’s Sizzling Summer Deals

Tata Motors Philippines just launched their latest promo “Sizzling Summer Deals” making car ownership or light commercial vehicle for your business this summer easy and hassle free. The Sizzling Summer Deals promo offers flexible financing plans and all-in low down payment packages for customers this season.

With the Tata Motors Sizzling Summer Deals, the Tata Indigo, Manza, Vista and Super Ace are made even more affordable and easy to own with the flexible financing plans. Coupled with the low cost of ownership and superb fuel efficiency of Tata Motors’ world tested and truck tough eco diesel vehicles, this sizzling summer deal is really a steal!

Here’s how! The Low Down payment All-In Package allows you to own the Tata Indigo Diesel sedan with only P18,000 down payment. The All-In Package includes free 3-year LTO Registration and 1 year comprehensive insurance and chattel mortgage. This is an ideal offer for first time car buyers with a budget, or the budding Uber or Grab a Car and Taxi entrepreneur running a fuel efficient conscious fleet.

There’s also an available Low Down payment All-In package for the Tata Super Ace Big Boy Diesel passenger van. The Super Ace Big Boy can be availed with a low all in P88,000 down payment. This package includes free 3-year LTO registration and 1 year comprehensive insurance and chattel mortgage which is light on the budget for the business minded Pinoy.

Also with the Tata Manza either in Petrol or Diesel, Tata Motors is offering P20,000 all in low down payment for the Manza INI Petrol, and P 28,000 for the Manza Aura Diesel sedan with the same free 3-year LTO registration and 1 year comprehensive insurance and chattel mortgage, which is perfect for the practical and smart Filipino family.

For the Tata Visa Ignis Diesel hatchback, Tata Motors is offering a low all in down payment of P 20,000 as well with 3 years LTO registration, inclusive of chattel mortgage and 1 year comprehensive insurance for the youthful and sporty at heart.

With the Tata Motors Sizzling Summer Deals, now is the best time to experience the Tata Motors Eco-Diesel experience! Visit your nearest Tata Motors showroom near you and check-out this great limited offer today!