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Suzuki Philippines Showcases Fleet Vehicles for Today’s Modern Businesses

Suzuki Philippines, Inc. (SPH), the country’s exclusive distributor of Suzuki Automobiles, showcased its lineup of commercial and fleet vehicles that are apt for today’s modern businesses, especially with the spiraling costs of fuel. Suzuki cars are renowned worldwide for their reliability, performance and fuel economy. With the ever-increasing fuel prices brought about by the political tension in Europe, the mandates of oil-producing countries, and the simultaneous reopening of commercial enterprises, local businesses are looking towards vehicles that can deliver more mileage per precious liter of fuel.

The Suzuki Carry Lineman is based on the 2022 Suzuki Carry Utility Van 1.5L. Powered by a 1.5-liter 16-valve inline 4-cylinder K15B engine that delivers 135 Newton-meters of torque at 4,400 rpm, this capable compact utility vehicle is equipped with heavy-duty front and rear suspension plus the necessary accessories that can hold and transport ladders, telescopic poles, rolls of wires, tools and equipment that are essential for any cable, telephone and electric company. With enough room for a crew of two linemen, the Suzuki Carry Lineman comes equipped with built-in boxes and grilles on the windows to protect the valuable supplies, tools and equipment inside the van.

The Suzuki Carry Ambulance is also based on the 2022 Suzuki Carry Utility Van 1.5L. The utility van body’s length of 2.6 meters and interior width of 1.5 meters provides ample room for a gurney, medical supplies, an oxygen tank, and seats for the emergency responders while its 1.2-meter interior height provides enough headroom for the EMTs to perform their life-saving procedures on the patient while in transit. With 95 horsepower on tap, this ambulance can zoom through tight traffic with its svelte dimensions, 4.4-mter turning radius, electric power steering, improved cockpit ergonomics, and 160-millimeter ground clearance to respond to any emergency anywhere.

(Note: Prices for the 2022 Suzuki Carry Utility Van 1.5L  start at P679,000. Accessories and equipment for the Lineman and Ambulance variants come at additional costs.)

With a spacious interior providing enough room for five occupants including the driver, a trunk space that can hold 378 liters of luggage and other items, and a thrifty 1.2-liter multiport fuel-injected inline 4-cylinder K12M engine that produces 82 hp at 6,000 rpm and 113 Nm of torque at 4,200 rpm, the Suzuki Dzire GA is the ideal and practical choice for transport companies such as taxi cabs and ride share services. Independently tested by the Automobile Association Philippines (AAP), the Dzire GA with 5-speed manual transmission can deliver 26.51 kilometers per liter, which is an essential factor in the transportation business. The 2022 Suzuki Dzire GA 1.2L 5MT starts at only P559,000. (Taxi roof light, meter, decals and franchise come at additional costs.)

2022 Suzuki S-Presso

2022 Suzuki Swift

Fleet or corporate customers can also choose from a wide variety of Suzuki automobiles for the use of their field personnel. A selection of cost-effective, fuel-efficient and attractive Suzuki vehicles is available for fleet purchases, with the 2022 Suzuki S-Presso mini crossover (prices start at P523,000) and the 2022 Suzuki Swift compact hatchback (price start at P844,000). Visit or contact your nearest Suzuki Auto dealer for a more detailed presentation of their fleet and corporate packages.