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Suzuki Jimny – It can.

Take one look at this car and the first thing you’d probably utter is that its cute. Its small, from any angle but don’t let its diminutive size fool you, it’s a very capable 4×4. Its small size is nothing new from Suzuki as its been making small off roaders since 1970.

A walk around the Jimny wouldn’t take long as it is small, it has functional roof rails for an optional roof rack. A faux hood scoop adds to its machismo and an externally mounted full sized spare tire. 190mm ground clearance is sufficient for most obstacles on our roads, the approach angle is 34 degrees and departure angle is 46 degrees making it capable for most off road tasks.

Inside, its cozy, I’m not a particularly tall person so to it suits me fine, the seat foam is comfy and not too firm, also the seats spaced far enough so as not to bang shoulders with your passenger. Getting into the back seat is another matter, but like all two door cars, the front passenger has to get out for the rear passenger s to get in., the back seat is a bit of a squeeze for two adults.

The dash layout is logical, no frills and everything is where you’re used to seeing them, the stereo and a/c are located in the center console. Under the a/c dials are the three buttons that shift the Jimny from 2WD to 4WD or 4LOW.

Under the hood is the M13A 1.3L 4-cylinder 16-valve MPI DOHC that puts out 81Ps at 5,000rpm and 110Nm of torque at 4,500rpm. Behind the wheel, you’ll find acceleration is slow off the line, but once you get going, succeeding gears slot into place nicely.

Nicely suited for city driving, The open road is where the Jimny reaches its limitations, engine noise and road noise are more apparent, overtaking is a task that needs planning. Going off road, is another matter altogether, its where this little wonder shows its strengths, the ground clearance, chunky tires and good approach and departure angles make short work of unpaved areas. Being a part time 4WD advisable to switch into 4WD or LOW4 only when off the beaten path and not use it fulltime as the Jimny is not equipped with a viscous coupling or a center differential. The Vacuum-locking hubs allow you to shift from 2WD to 4WD while moving up to 100kph but shifting to low requires you to stop with the clutch engaged and the transmission in neutral.

Steering is a little dull, but since its such a small vehicle you can immediately see and feel the response. Safety features are side impact beams and Suzuki’s patented TECT Design on Body.

Available colors are Superior White(JX), Silky Silver Metallic (JLX) and Bluish Black Pearl (JLX)

Priced at P749,000, you get an economical vehicle that seats 4, has good ground clearance, and at the push of a switch becomes a proper off roader (which is about the price of a Vios) it sounds like a pretty good deal doesn’t it?

Specifications: Vehicle Type : Mini-SUV Engine : 1.3L 4-cylinder 16-valve MPI DOHC Fuel : Gasoline Power: 81Ps at 5500rpm Torque: 110Nm at 4,500rpm Transmission : 5-speed manual Length: 3,545mm Width: 1,600mm Height: 1,705mm Wheelbase: 2,205mm Wheel Spec: 205/70R15


Words and Photos by Neil Pagulayan