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SCOSCHE magicMOUNT Pro now available locally

SCOSCHE Industries, innovators of award-winning consumer technology and car audio products and accessories, announces the availability in the local market of its magicMOUNT Pro product line and other car solutions. This new addition to the multi-award-winning magicMOUNT series of magnetic, cradle-less, mobile device mounts enables drivers to select the optimum location to securely mount virtually any mobile device for maximized visibility and significantly enhanced safety on the road.

With magicMOUNT Pro, drivers can keep both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while making hands-free calls, activating Siri or Cortana and carefully navigating via GPS. Uniting style and function, the new magicMOUNT Pro and magicMOUNT family of products provides a convenient, universal mounting system for the home, office, vehicle or even boat. Also launching are Scosche’s smallest, most powerful car charger, charge-and-sync micro USB cable, handsfree and audio car kit and 90-degree audio cable.

Scosche magicMOUNT Pro

magicMOUNT Pro Magnetic Mounts comes in three variants that include two stylish, interchangeable trim rings in Black and Silver, with additional color options available soon in Carbon Fiber, Rose Gold, Gold and Space Gray.

The new line consists of the magicMOUNT Pro Vent, magicMOUNT Pro Window/Dash and magicMOUNT Pro Dash. The Pro Window/Dash and Pro Dash models provide a 30 percent stronger grip, while the Pro Vent magnetic mount offers extensive “on-the-go” versatility for travel, adapting easily for desktop and display. All three have been designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring impressive versatility and utmost functionality.

  • magicMOUNT Pro Vent is the magnetic mount that securely attaches to horizontal, vertical, angled, or circular vents. The mount gives users an extensive range of mounting and viewing angles. When not in the car, it also doubles as a hands-free kickstand for your phone or tablet. The magicMOUNT Pro Vent is an ideal companion for train rides, flights, and meetings. (P 1,495.00)
  • magicMOUNT Pro Window/Dash is a low-profile magnetic mount that securely mounts mobile devices to a vehicle’s dash or window for portrait or landscape viewing. It is built with Scosche’s StickGrip technology that provides a powerful hold on multiple surfaces. The versatile magicMOUNT Pro Window/Dash rotates 360° for virtually unlimited mounting and viewing angles, and can also be utilized on a desk or table. (P 1,895.00)
  • magicMOUNT Pro Dash magnetically mounts mobile devices to a vehicle’s dashboard ensuring safe and easy one-hand device access and use. Its four-axis adjustable angle and enhanced soft touch rubber lock-nut ensure tight, secure positioning. Users can mount devices in portrait, landscape or any desired angle. The magicMOUNT Pro Dash’s base is bendable, allowing it to secure tightly to curved, angled or flat surfaces in the vehicle. (P 1,495.00)

Scosche magicMount

All magicMOUNT models affix mobile devices using a high-powered magnetic system made of 100% device-safe neodymium magnets. Due to its open design, devices can be mounted in a 360-degree fashion permitting countless landscape or portrait viewing angles and full access to device controls and ports. To use, simply apply the magicPLATE directly to the smartphone, tablet or GPS; and hover it over one of Scosche’s new magicMOUNTs to securely lock the device into place. The magicMOUNT devices enable drivers keep their both hands on the wheel and eyes on the road while making hands-free calls, activating Siri, internet browsing, audio and video media streaming and carefully navigating via GPS.

  • magicMOUNT Mini Mat is the portable magnetic mount with stickGRIP mat that attaches easily to car dashes or flat surfaces. (P 1,495.00)
  • magicMOUNT Power is the magnetic power mount that also permits mobile device charging, via two 12 watt Fast Charge USB ports. The two port model features illuminated ports. The mounts’ flex-neck design and 4-axis adjustable angle give users the freedom to position their smartphone or other device in multiple view angles and heights. (P 1,650.00)
  • magicMOUNT Rear Seat Headrest mount for tablets easily attaches to the back of most vehicle’s headrests. Backseat passengers can watch movies, play games and more staying informed and entertained while on the go. It can also be readily removed as necessary. (P 1,995.00)
  • magicMOUNT Window is perfect for drivers looking for a windshield mount for their mobile devices. The new windshield model combines the same user-friendly magnet design with powerful suction cup to mount smartphones or tablets to the windshield without impeding the driver’s vision. (P 1,295.00)
  • magicMOUNT XL Dash/Window is a magnetic mount for tablets that easily and securely affixes to any vehicle’s dash or window to allow for hands-free navigation and media streaming. Its flex-neck design gives users the freedom to position their device at virtually any angle to allow for maximum viewing convenience and comfort. (P 1,650.00)
  • magicMOUNT Surface is the ideal wall mount for tablets. Users can mount a tablet in the kitchen to follow recipe while cooking, in the office as an extra display, or on the wall at home to serve as a control panel for connected home appliances. (P 695.00)
  • magicMOUNT XL Surface safely and securely mounts tablets and smartphones flush on almost any surface including dashboards, office walls or kitchen backsplashes to easily view/listen to movies and music, conduct hands-free calls, surf the internet, check your Facebook or other social media accounts, view tonight’s recipe, checkout a traffic route and more. (P 1,350.00)

According to Sufiya Cheung, Scosche International Business Development Head, all of these revolutionary magnetic mounting products have been designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring impressive versatility and utmost functionality.

“The entire MagicMOUNT line is built with powerful earth magnets, designed to securely maintain a tight grip on devices in both smooth and bumpy terrain. These Neodymium magnets are 100 per cent safe and will not damage mobile devices”, Cheung said.

“Aside from the magicMOUNT family line, we are also introducing other innovative Scosche products that are also perfectly designed for the needs of every Filipinos on-the-go”, she added.

Scosche reVOLT Dual

Scosche’s reVOLT dual, the world’s smallest, most powerful car charger, is now available in white/gold, white/silver, black/grey and black color options. They are the perfect complementary accessories for the latest iPhones and iPads, yet work equally as well with Android mobile devices. The critically acclaimed car charger boasts 12 watts of power to fully charge any USB-powered device at the fastest rate possible.

The reVOLT dual simultaneously charges two devices without having to sacrifice its powerful wattage. Ideal for long commutes or road trips, the reVOLT dual ensures every USB-powered gadget in the car remains charged and functioning. Passengers will never have to battle over who gets to keep their device charged while on the road. (P 1,195.00)

Scosche flatOUT

Scosche’s flatOUT LED Charge & Sync Lightning/Reversible Micro USB Cable is a charge and sync cable with an integrated LED indicator that illuminates red while a device is charging and blue when a device is fully charged. The cable’s flat design allows for tangle-free usage, minimizing unnecessary and annoying cable management. Similar to the smartSTRIKE, the flatOUT LED Charge & Sync Lightning/Reversible Micro USB Cable features the patent pending EZTIP Reversible Micro USB connector which allows the connector to be inserted either side up. Plus its slim barrel design, allows it to easily fit in most cases. (P 1,395.00)

Scosche motorMOUTH III

This Handsfree and Audio Car Kit is a quick, simple solution to adding handsree calling and audio streaming to your factory radio. The motorMOUTH III allows you to make and receive hands free calls, as well as play music from your phone to your car speakers, simply by using your vehicle’s existing AUX port. Once your device is paired to the motorMOUTH III, connecting each time you enter your vehicle is as simple as a touch of the power button. (P 2,495.00) *Exclusively available at Volkswagen Philippines

Scosche hookUP

The hookUP is an auxiliary audio cable used to connect your devices with a 3.5 or 2.5mm audio jack to any stereo with an MP3/Auxiliary input. This innovative 3 foot cable comes with a 90 degree jack that lets you install this cable in difficult spaces and is also made with a non-tangling PVC jacket. (P 295.00)

Scosche products are now available in the following stores:

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Photos by ScoschePH and Neil Pagulayan