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Scosche MagicMount Dual Power

The MagicMount™ is a car mounting and charging system for your mobile devices. Using powerful neodymium magnets, your device locks onto the mount securely using the supplied MagicPlate™ which maybe installed directly on your device, on its case or between them.

This car mount allows you to angle your device for your convenience, it securely plugs into the 12V lighter socket with two built-in 12watt USB charge sockets each with an output of 2.4A which will charge your devices quicker than most other chargers.

We’ve put this mount through its paces and it is rock steady even over rough terrain, the magnet held the phone fast and the USB charged whatever we plugged into it.  We like it and think its well worth its price, there are other types of variants of this product to suit your needs, but this one we think is perfect for those of you who cannot leave your house or office without your gadgets. The high-powered magnets will not damage your smartphone or its stored data, just don’t use it with the iPod Classic or anything with a hard disk drive.

Price: PhP1,650 at Digits Trading