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Role Models in Road Safety honored at the 2016 NLEXcellence Safety Awards

Fourteen (14) transport companies receive the “seal of excellence” in road safety, as the Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC) reveals today, the recipients of the 2016 NLEXcellence Safety Awards at The Manila Hotel.

The awardees were chosen among bus and truck companies who exhibited exemplary performance in road safety. These are companies who share the same values of road safety that MNTC advocates.

“The NLEXcellence Safety Awards, now a prestigious and respected awards among bus and truck companies, present for us  a great time for affirmation, celebration and thanksgiving,” says Rodrigo E. Franco, MNTC president and CEO.

“We have upheld road safety as the mantra of our operations – because safety and stories about safety bring in more motorists to the NLEX,” Franco added. He emphasized that through NLEXcellence, several transport companies have worked with MNTC in keeping our roads safer.

“Our bus and truck operators have become road safety champions and their drivers have become exemplars in road safety,” he said.

Grace Ayento, AVP for Marketing, recognizes the big role that the awardees have played in making NLEXcellence a success the past four years. “NLEXcellence would not have been successful without the enthusiastic response, cooperation and support of all participating truck and bus companies,” Ayento said.

“They are the reason why this award exists — to bring out the role models in the transport industry whose high standards for road safety should be followed by all other bus and truck companies,” she added.

This year’s NLEXcellence Safety Awards will induct Giga RSB Trucking Corp. to the Hall of Fame for excelling in all three awards categories: Company Operational Excellence, Vehicle Quality and Driver Professionalism.

For the Company Operational Excellence category, the awardees are Correa Trucking, RVL Movers Corp., Golden Shine International Freight, JA Global Logistics and Baliwag Transit.

Under the Vehicle Quality category, the awardees are YM Cargo Transport, Lebria Transport & Allied Services Corp., CA Logistics Corp. and Pangasinan Five Star Bus.

The awardees for the Driver Professionalism category are Gapuzan Trucking Inc., Stellar Cargo Services Inc.,AAI Worldwide Logistics, EG Overland Transport Corp. and Aqua Freight Cargo.

Awardees in the Company Operational Excellence category are recognized for their endeavors in putting operational policies that ensure the safety of their drivers and their fleet. For the Excellence in Vehicle Quality category, awardees are companies that exert extra effort in ensuring their fleet vehicles are roadworthy and always in tip-top condition. They are recognized for maintaining quality vehicles that are safe for transport and for business. The Excellence in Driver Professionalism award is given to companies that ensure they maintain excellent, dedicated and law-abiding drivers so that passengers and cargo are brought safely and timely to destinations.

The NLEXcellence Safety Awards program is open to bus and trucking companies that meet the following qualifications: it must own a fleet of, at least, 20 vehicles; at least 50 percent of its trips traverse North Philippines, and 30 percent of these trips are taken on NLEX.