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Phoenix Fuel COVID-19 Response Efforts

Phoenix Petroleum, the first independent oil company and the fastest-growing and leading independent oil company in the Philippines, recently made known efforts it has undertaken to join the fight against COVID-19.

Henry Fadullon, Phoenix Chief Operating Officer said, “We saw what was happening, we were part of what was happening, and it would be a shame to not do anything, as an individual, and as a Filipino company to help in the COVID-19 efforts.”

In the past week alone, Phoenix donated Super LPG tanks to the community kitchen program of the Pasig City local government, an initiative to provide sustenance to the countless health workers and other frontliners working tirelessly in the efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

In addition, Phoenix has committed to donate 7,000 liters to GRAB Transport in order to provide free  transportation to health workers starting the 21st of March due to the absence of public mass transportation and to augment the individual efforts of the various local government units.

Henry Fadullon, Phoenix Chief Operating Officer

“What we are doing echoes what the UDENNA Foundation CommUnity Care program has rallied us to do — to maximize all our efforts, efforts of UDENNA companies, to feed, protect, and transport our community in our belief that all efforts, no matter how small can lead to better lives for the Filipino,” Fadullon added.