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NLEXcellence Road Safety Awards

The Manila North Tollways Corporation (MNTC), the operator of the North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) recognized this year’s awardees of the NLEXcellence Safety Awards from the bus and trucking companies. A total of 15 companies that showed exemplary performance in ensuring road safety were honored in the awards ceremony last November 12 at The Manila Hotel.

MNTC inducted EUG Freight Services to the NLEXcellence Hall of Fame, and featured Victory Liner from their roster of Hall of Famers.

The NLEXcellence Safety Awards, launched in 2013, is accorded as a “seal of honor” to companies who share MNTC’s best practices in road safety. It first started as a simple Appreciation Night for bus and truck companies who are heavy users of the NLEX back in 2007. It was the cornerstone activity to develop meaningful ties with MNTC’s key customers.

“From the time we began the NLEXcellence Safety Awards, we have set our sights to make it a benchmark recognition that gives credence to companies that are committed to road safety, “ says Renato Ticzon, MNTC vice president for marketing.

“Being an NLEXcellence awardee singles them out as role models for other companies to emulate when it comes to best practices in company operations in general and road safety in particular,”

The 15 awardees, who were announced at the awards night, were chosen from over 40 nominees. “They exemplify the culture of safety that we want ingrained among NLEX motorists,”  says Ticzon.

MNTC president Rodrigo Franco said safety is part of MNTC’s culture. “Aside from safe infrastructure, the features of the road, as well as the pleasant but firm enforcement of traffic rules and regulations are all intended to promote road safety,” he said.

While MNTC has provided all the safety features along NLEX,  “we expect motorists, particularly truck and bus drivers using the NLEX, to do their part for road safety. Safety is a basic need, and at the end of the day, what we want is to come home to our families safe,” Franco added.

The three awards categories are Company Operational Excellence, Vehicle Quality and Driver’s Professionalism.

The awardees for the Company Operational Excellence are Luzon Cisco Transport, Inc., Victor Del Rosario Rice Mill Corp., GTycoon Logistics Corporation, AAI Worldwide Logistics and YM Cargo Transport. The awardees were rated on the basis of company’s operational policies, programs, rules and guidelines that ensure the safety of their drivers and the roadworthiness of their fleet.

The Vehicle Quality awardees are Viron Transit, Remore Corporation, RNE Trucking Services, Gapuzan Movers Inc. and Stellar Cargo Movers. They were evaluated on their excellence in keeping their fleet roadworthy — because less breakdowns means less inconvenience for passengers, drivers and other road users. Condition of the vehicle’s engine, tires, brakes, lights, the availability of safety devices and emergency tools are also evaluated.

In the Driver’s Professionalism category, the awardees are Baliwag Transit, J&J Midtrans Corporation, RVL Movers Corporation, FILEM Transport Services Co., Inc, and Giga Trucking Services. These bus or truck firms were recognized for maintaining excellent, law-abiding fleet drivers to ensure that their passengers and cargo are brought safe and on time to their destinations. They are assessed based on their drivers’ driving skills, knowledge of traffic regulations and signs, physical fitness, apprehension record and regulatory compliance. The drivers’ appearance and qualifications are also being evaluated.