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MitsubishiPH’s FUSO FJ and FI launched at the 6th Philippine International Motor Show

Mitsubishi Motors Philippines Corporation (MMPC) introduced two classes of truck at the 6th Philippine International Motor Show, the FJ and the FI.


At first, the sight of this massive truck is intimidating. Standing at almost 10 feet, the cab is towering above us mortals. The Cab over engine layout gives that elevated position, for good reason. It gives the driver a farther view forward and sides, and the shorter cab saves space for that much needed cargo area.

Boasting of over 30 feet of Cargo length and 8ft of width, it gives a longer and heavier cargo capacity. The elongated chassis provides a more payload without having to stack higher than 12 feet (which is the max allowed by DOTC), to be able to clear overhead bridges.

Engine is a somewhat small 6 cylinder 6.4 liter diesel engine. What it lacks in size is more than compensated with a Direct Injection Turbo Charger. 6 cylinder engines are known for their high torque output as compared with a V8 or V10. Reliability and fuel economy are the essentials need for transporting goods, and the 6-banger more than meets the basic requirements. The transmission is a 9 speed forward with one reverse and it offers the best in both worlds: Steep 1st and 2nd gears for pulling heavy loads from a full stop and inclines, and 8th or 9th gears for highway use.

Inside the cab is where you will see the improvements. A basic but curvy dash is pleasant to look at. All the controls, especially the shifters are within the reach of the operator. The steering wheel is both tilt and telescopic and sir assisted, and the driver’s seat is multi adjustable, also air controlled spring suspension that softens hard rides, reducing driver fatigue. There is also a flat cushioned panel at the back of the seats that serve as a bed or personal cargo storage. AC is now standard equipment. But no radio. Multiple view mirrors assure driver view from all sides ensuring both pedstrian and other vehicle safety. Helps easy maneuvering too.

Outside, the chassis is shot peened for added strength and powder coated for protection against corrosion, At the rear, Parabolic,multi-leaf springs are standard while semi elliptical balancer type leaf springs assures that steering and stability will not be compromised with heavy loads. Headlights are fully adjustable so road illumination is maximized even when the cab is raised or lowered. 8 rear wheels assure of load stability and even weight distribution to the rear axles.

There you have it. A giant workhorse that is actually easy to operate. With its distinct equipment characteristics, the FJ actually reduces operational costs. Fuso Trucks are a must for every trucking endeavor.


When transporting goods within the city area, you will need a medium sized truck for maximum load. While it bigger brother, the FI is for cross country, the FI is perfect for intercity transport.

With the traffic situation now, your truck has to be both dependable and easy to operate. All these will result in lower operational costs. This must be beneficial for driver and operator.

The FI has a cab over engine configuration that gives commanding view for the driver. The cargo area is long enough for most goods but not too much rear overhang for maneuverability. Whether closed van or open top, the FI will surely fit your requirements.

It is powered by a frugal yet powerful 3.9L 4 Stroke Diesel Turbo Charged engine. It is mated to a Six-speed transmission for both acceleration and cruising speed. The chassis is shot-peened and powder coated for longevity. Both front and rear suspension are semi elliptic multi leaf springs, simple but effective.

Inside the cab, the overall dash design is simple but flowing. Steering wheel is both telescopic and tilting. Power steering, brakes and clutch are also pneumatic assisted for effortless operation. For driver and passenger comfort, AC is standard.

Also standard are the adjustable headlights for easy forward illumination. Driving light are also installed for better night vision, Multiple view mirrors assures view on all sides.

While it may not be much in writing, the FI covers all needs of a delivery service. It permits maximum allowable payload in a maneuverable truck. The smaller turning radius is very useful in traffic or tight spaces.

The FI is perfect for urban deliveries. With technology by Mitsubishi Motors, quality is very assured, and will greatly benefit all kinds of trucking needs.


Words by Earl Manalansan Photos by Neil Pagulayan