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Michelin Pilot Sport 5 Launched, Offering A Unique Combination of Sporting Performance, Longevity, and Aesthetics

Michelin, the world’s leading tire company, has recently launched MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5, its fifth generation of the high-performance Pilot Sport range, targeting sports car and high-performance sedan enthusiasts. Equipped with sophisticated features, this newly launched tire enables drivers to get the most from their driving experience for more miles(1), while traveling in style and living each driving moment to the fullest.


Daesy Natalya reveals: “With the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5, Michelin further strengthens our complete and best overall high-performance Pilot Sport range, with ‘Performance Made to Last’ being our key differentiator. Inspired by motorsports, the tire is perfect for drivers who demand sporty driving performance and expect nothing but the best. What’s more, the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 goes one step further in aesthetics, as evidenced by its winning of the 2021 Contemporary
Good Design Award – one of the world’s most prestigious international design awards.

Key benefits of the MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 include:

Commanding the road confidently with longlasting tire grip, as the tire offers maximum control with extremely good grip and braking performance on wet(2) and dry(3) ground – thanks to the Dual Sport Tread Design technology, a dual side functionalized tread design, inspired by Motorsport experience, featuring the inner side with large grooves and high void ratio for enhanced wet road traction, and the external side with rigid blocks for better grip on dry roads; plus Groove Clear, the association of large longitudinal grooves that dump water into wide transversal channels designed to efficiently divert water out of the way.

Enhanced spirited driving that lasts for more miles(1); experience lasting performance throughout the tire’s lifespan, with precision and exceptional responsive driving – thanks to the Dynamic Response technology that features a hybrid aramid and nylon belt for optimum transmission of steering instructions onto the road; and the MaxTouch ConstructionTM that maximizes the tire’s contact with the road and evenly distributes the forces of acceleration, braking, and cornering – delivering longer tread life without sacrificing performance.

Embracing both style and substance with the Premium Touch Sidewall Design that creates a
sleek, matte-black aesthetic with a velvet-like micro texture; and the Wear2Check, an easy-to-find and easy-to-read tread wear indicator, designed to facilitate monitoring and to help drivers to optimize the longevity potential of the tire.

This new race-born tire amplifies sport performance made to last – providing throughout its lifespan both driving dynamics with precision, as well as safety. It is a truly ideal tire for those who need firstclass experience, and look for aesthetic exclusivity,” concluded Daesy Natalya, Commercial Director –Michelin Philippines.

In the Philippines, the new MICHELIN Pilot Sport 5 is now available in 43 dimensions from 17 to 21 inches at Michelin’s authorized tire dealers across the nation. For more information, please visit