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Michelin Man Collaborates with Uniqlo’s UT T-Shirts

Michelin Tire PLC , the French tire manufacturer, has launched a collaboration with
UNIQLO Co Ltd for its The Brands Masterpiece series from the Spring & Summer
Collection of the UT T-shirt brand.
The Brands Masterpiece series is a brand-collaboration project that uses logos or noted
products from some of the world’s most famous companies as motifs. T-shirts featuring the
Michelin Man will be sold at UNIQLO stores nationwide and via the UNIQLO Online Store,
under license from Michelin Lifestyle Limited.
UNIQLO items featuring The Michelin Man include men’s and children’s T-shirts. Men’s
shirt sizes are in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large which are available in stores. Extra
Small, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL sizes are only available online. Children’s sizes come in 110, 120,
130, 140 and 150 at UNIQLO stores, with sizes 100 and 160 available from the online store
only. Men’s size T-shirts were on February 25, with children’s sizes coming on March 18. The
shirts will have two designs and will be available in blue or grey.

Original Bibendum Mascot

Born in 1898, the Michelin Man turned 120 last year. Michelin is greatly honoured that
UNIQLO has once again chosen this character, known and loved by people the world over,
as a motif for its UT collection. Michelin intends to continue creating tires, guidebooks,
maps, and lifestyle products to support everybody’s mobility, based on the idea of making
travel more enjoyable and more comfortable, which has been our ethos since our founding.
Countries and territories that will carry the T-shirts are: Japan, China, Korea, Hong Kong,
France, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia, USA, Australia,
Canada, Malaysia, UK, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Sweden, Holland (total: 21 territories)