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McLaren Unveils Speedtail Design Collection

The McLaren Speedtail will be the most powerful and fastest car created by McLaren Automotive. Powered by a 1050PS gasoline-electric hybrid powertrain, the Hyper-GT is designed to achieve speeds of up to 403 km/h with an astonishing 0 to 300 km/h acceleration time of 12.8 seconds. It will be distinguished by an elegant aerodynamic all-carbon fiber body. The Speedtail production run of 106 cars, which was sold out even before its October launch, will be hand-built in the McLaren Production Centre in Woking, Surrey, England.

Each of the 106 owners was invited by the McLaren Color and Material design team to envision their car using three inspirational collections.

The Urbane collection offers a discerning and refined feel using calm exterior hues and cool subtle interior tones. Its Stratosphere theme features an interior with a metallic light blue driver seat with navy painted edges with navy contrast stitch, light grey passenger seats, a gloss 1K full visual carbon fiber exterior with bespoke brushed light blue anodized aluminum brightwork, and platinum badging with TPT carbon inlay.

The Visionary collection offers a purposeful and unmistakable look using striking shades and opulent touches. The stunning Astral theme is inspired by the UK’s wealth of nautical heritage with an interior dominated by timeless navy blue and a vibrant exterior finished in bespoke orange with silver pinstripe, gloss 1K visual carbon fiber and 18-carat white gold badging with TPT inlay.

The Dynamic collection makes bold statements with sporty, futuristic and sumptuous themes. The Bloodline theme features bespoke red exterior and gloss black diamond cut wheels with light copper edge and silver brake calipers, full aniline bespoke red driver’s seat, lightweight semi-aniline white passenger seats, and steering wheel clasp, paddle shifters, window and door bezel surrounds that are highlighted in TPT carbon quartz white.

Each one of the three collections offer the owners the opportunity to personalize their Speedtail to the smallest detail and make it unique. Each owner will have a Bespoke Liaison Manager to help bring their vision to life with special access to the services of McLaren Special Operations (MSO), which offers a range of colors and materials limited only by the owner’s imagination.