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LAUT Power Dash 6.6 USB Car Charger

It may be a rare occurrence, but running out of 12V sockets in a car to plug in your USB chargers do happen, as everyone’s smart phones and gadgets now charge off that little device. Not all cars have more than one lighter socket and the LAUT Power Dash 6.6 high power USB car charger allows you to charge three devices at the same time, and really fast too. It puts out a sizeable 6.6 Amps power output.

Product Specs:

Input: DC 12v – 18v

USB 1 : DC 5v – 2.1A

USB 2 : DC 5v – 2.1A

USB 3 : DC 5v – 2.4A (ipad)

Blue LED to indicate active charge

We put this to the test and sure enough, its output is higher than that of conventional USB ports and chargers. With its high output charging ports, devices are charged faster and conveniently frees up for others to charge. It has a high quality aluminum finish where the 3 USB ports are and has an overall solid feel to it.

It retails for P1,295.00 and is available at Digital Walker and Beyond the Box stores.