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Land Rover Philippines Delivers Over 200 Defenders

On October 1, 2021, Coventry Motors Corporation (CMC), the sole authorized distributor of Land Rover vehicles, parts, and accessories in the Philippines, released the 200th Defender vehicle one year after its premiere in the Asian market.

Chris Ward, president of Land Rover Philippines, credits the success to the market’s fondness for the Land Rover brand and for everything adventure. “Launching the vehicle head-on with the Covid-19 situation, we were unsure of how the Defender line would initially take-off. Not surprisingly, it was very well received in the Philippine market.” He acknowledges the tremendous customer support for the Defender that allowed CMC to lead in the regional sales of the vehicle. “The amount of support of its enthusiasts for the brand was tremendous. Customers rushed to reserve their unit instantly after the reveal. The Philippines’ following for the vehicle keeps on growing as we see more drivers find the love for everything adventure. That is what the Defender brand stands for.”

Atty. Robby Consunji, president of the Land Rover Club of the Philippines (LRCP), expressed his delight on the Defender’s milestone. “It is often said that Land Rover talks about its ‘spirit of adventure’, which is the single most important quality of its vehicles. We all know that the new Defender contains state of the art technology to conquer the most difficult terrain.” Drawing from his vast experience with Land Rovers, he added, “Land Rover is a statement of personal taste, a luxurious sense of style and a die-hard passion for all terrain adventure. The Defender open up new opportunities and take you to all the good remote unexplored destinations that you can dare to go to.”

A special handover ceremony was held at the Land Rover showroom along EDSA in Greenhills, San Juan for the release of the 200th Defender.

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