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KiaPH launches the All New Rio

Columbian Autocar Corporation (CAC), the exclusive distributor of Kia vehicles in the Philippines, just brought in the latest addition of the Korean marque’s roster of vibrant, stylish, and dynamic vehicles.

The all-new Rio showcases several of Kia’s latest technology and design innovations, all wrapped up in a sleeker, yet sportier package—emerging as a winner for its category in the 2017 Red Dot Awards.

The updated profile of the Rio was the result of a diverse collaborative effort. Kia’s designers, based in Germany and California, worked closely with the team from the company’s headquarters in South Korea—and the result is a truly global aesthetic that merges a balanced stance with a confident look.

The front layout has been given a sharp makeover—putting more emphasis on the tiger-nose grille, then strikingly framed by sportier headlights. As a Kia standard, these lights automatically activate when you turn a corner, or after you start the engine and release the hand brake. Overall dimensions have been increased, as this latest model is both 5mm wider and 15mm longer than its predecessor. The increased surface area of the vehicle’s hood, matched with a more upright C-pillar, all contribute to its commanding presence on the streets.

Inside, the cabin is kept uncluttered. The driver’s contact points at the seat and steering wheel are all adjustable, aiding in providing maximum comfort during the driving experience. The driver-oriented dashboard is an innovative solution to a common problem, making controls more ergonomic and easy to access.

Each seat also provides quality passenger comfort, with ample head and leg room at the back and full automatic climate control.

Other convenience features of the all-new Kia Rio are the Smart Key with push-button start, steering wheel mounted controls, and front and rear power outlets for charging your devices.

Kia fans in the Philippines will be able to avail of a Rio that is specified with a lightweight 1.4L engine paired with 4-Speed Automatic Transmission. The combination has been proven to be ideal for traversing city-to-city streets, making it ideal for cruising along country roads and highways, too.

The all-new Rio will be available for purchase starting at Php 735,000 SRP, beginning June 2017. To reserve yours now, contact your favorite Kia dealership.


Photos by Neil Pagulayan