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Kayang-Kaya: FOTON Philippines Greets 2019 with Stronger “Can-Do” Spirit

During the 2018 Dealer Appreciation Night, FOTON Motor Philippines, Inc. (FMPI) President Rommel Sytin asked all the FOTON dealers, personnel and staff if they can make it to the Top Ten spot in the Philippine automotive market. “Kaya ba natin? (Can we do it?)”, he asked. At the time, FOTON Philippines had landed on 11th place and Sytin’s dream was to make it one more step into the 10th place. His official FOTON family responded with a resounding “YES, we can! Kayang-kaya natin! (We can do it!)” True to their word, on the last quarter of 2018, FOTON Philippines bagged the 9th spot in the ranking of top automotive brands in the Philippines.

FOTON Philippines President Rommel Sytin

With their remarkable achievement, FOTON Philippines greeted 2019 with a new marketing campaign Kayang-Kaya, which is set to reinforce the brand’s confidence by opening “bigger possibilities” and creating grander “breakthroughs” for Filipino families and businesses through its product line and services. “Kayang-Kaya embraces the spirit of resilience and capability that has been in our brand’s DNA since the beginning”, shared Sytin. “Over the years, we have invested in improving the reliability of our vehicles along with the continuous work on strengthening the customer experience through a focus on our after-sales service. That makes up the heart of this campaign.”

FOTON Philippines EVP Anna Maria Parado

“We see this campaign as something relevant to the Filipinos. It does not just promote possibilities in capabilities; it also depicts our positive outlook in all situations, no matter how tough and challenging they get”, added FOTON Philippines Executive Vice President Anna Maria Parado. “Despite the storms, disasters and hardships that we experience, Filipinos are known for resilience, and when rising to situations like these, Kayang-Kaya is something all of us can relate to.”

The Sytin brothers – Rommel, Kenneth and their eldest brother, the late Dominic –started distributing the FOTON brand in 2006, starting with just a single pickup truck model, the FOTON Blizzard, and a light duty truck, the FOTON Tornado.

2007 FOTON Blizzard pickup truck

Although relatively new to the Philippine market, the Sytin brothers took the risk and did their best to promote the brand. Nowadays, the FOTON brand has grown by leaps and bounds with an 11-hectare assembly plant in Clark, Pampanga that is capable of producing 12,000 units annually, a diverse product portfolio, and a nationwide dealership network with 27 dealers and counting.

FOTON Philippines’ Kayang-Kaya campaign will include promotions such as low down payment and low monthly payment schemes so that customers can avail of vehicles that are heavy on the features yet light in the pockets in the most convenient ways possible. The campaign also includes the release of four 30-seconder videos entitled “Pag-uwi”, “Araw-araw”, “Panahon”, and “Tagumpay”, which are all accompanied with the song entitled “Kayang-kaya”, the campaign’s official soundtrack composed and performed by Noel Cabangon.

During the 2019 Dealers Appreciation Night, the biggest winner was the FOTON A. Bonifacio dealership of Vincent Licup, which bagged the 2018 Overall Best Dealer of the Year award.