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Jeep® Brand Reveals Image of First-ever Fully Electric Jeep SUV

During Stellantis’ Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan presentation, Carlos Tavares, chief executive officer (CEO) of Stellantis, revealed images of the first-ever 100% battery-electric Jeep® SUV, as the brand continues its global initiatives toward the full electrification of its SUV portfolio. This new fully electric Jeep vehicle will be launched early next year, expanding the brand’s reach and taking the next step to the achievement of Jeep brand’s vision of Zero Emission Freedom. More information on the Jeep battery-electric vehicle (BEV) will be released in the coming months.

 Jeep is rich in history and heritage — dating back to to 1941 up until the present, Jeep has continued to produce vehicles that suits various forms of lifestyle. A band that appeals to individuals who live for adventure. Incorporating this brand heritage with modern times as it shifts gears towards electrification, Jeep’s unwavering commitment towards sustainability is realized and at the same time, delivers the same power, strength and capability we’ve known throughout the years.

We’re taking Jeep further by showing people we are their partner in finding freedom and adventure no matter the challenge or situation. This brand is more than the sum of its parts. It is shaped by its adventurous capability and dedicated customers.

Going beyond your limits, achieving greatness and have fun while saving Mother Earth is the future of Jeep.