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If chosen, shortlisted MMDA chair hopeful has radical plans to ease traffic

In a matter of days, the new administration of President elect Rodrigo Roa Duterte will commence. Yet there has been no hint of who will assume the position of Metro Manila Development Authority Chairman. This brings with it, the gargantuan task of easing the traffic problem in Metro Manila. It may entail radical moves to accomplish. Many experienced local executives have even toyed with the idea of granting emergency powers to the incoming Chief Executive to be able to fast track solutions to solve one of the worst traffic situations in the world.

According to our source, who has been short listed for the task of MMDA Chairman. Emergency powers may not be necessary as there are already existing regulations passed by the Metro Council and approved by all the mayors of the metro. It is just a matter of implementation.

If he is selected, here are the expected changes to be enforced by strictly by the incoming leadership:
(1) Number coding shall be scrapped and in its place the “odd-even” plate number scheme shall be returned. Tantamount to not using your vehicles three times a week. Only Sunday will be the free day.

(2) New car owners cannot choose their plate numbers upon registration.

(3) Buses shall not be allowed to overtake and must stay only within the bus lanes provided on service roads.

(4) All subdivisions and villages will be open to the public from 6am to 10pm.
No parking shall be allowed in the main roads of the subdivision within this time frame.

(5) There shall be no stopping, waiting, loading or unloading on roads.

(6) No acquisition of vehicles shall be allowed without an appropriate garage.
Inspections shall be made between 11pm to 4am.

(7) Minimum fine for stalled vehicles on main avenues shall be P10,000

(8) All sidewalks should be cleared of obstructions.

(9) Penalty for Jaywalking shall be P5,000

(10) Strict compliance for No Contact Traffic Apprehension Policy.

(11) Provincial buses shall not be allowed to route into EDSA for loading and unloading. Provincial Bus Terminals shall be in designated areas approved by government only.

(12) Maximum of P1M fine for colorum or out-of-line buses. These vehicles shall be impounded with registrations cancelled.

(13) MMDA traffic constables shall receive a minimum monthly compensation of P35,000. They shall be dedicated to the apprehension of violators. They shall be likewise equipped with highly technical devices to record and check violations and violators background.

(14) 15 year old vehicles for public utilities and school bus services shall be denied registration. Violators shall be fined and/or impounded.

(15) Traffic and parking around school campuses shall be regulated.

(16) A five year period of renewal of drivers license and a corresponding written & practical test for drivers is mandatory.

(17) Strict compliance of motorcycle lanes. A P5,000 penalty shall be imposed for violators.

(18) No local government shall be allowed to designate pay parking along the streets of their jurisdiction.

(19) Commercial establishments shall not be allowed to use part of the sidewalk for parking for their customers exclusively only.

(20) Bus stops shall be relocated 100 meters from mall areas, and MRT,LRT or train stations, to avoid congestion getting to and from these stations.

(21) Grab or Uber vehicles shall be given incentives for carpool schemes.

(22) Large Vacant Lots shall be utilized by the government to cover for real property taxes and security costs.

(23) Reduction of private vehicles with less than two(2)passengers.

The Metro Manila Development Authority has long had these measures but was unsuccessful in implementing them.

With the new administration promising change is coming… should we keep the change?


Words by Ricky Velasco