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HondaPH’s 2nd ever highest sales happened in September

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc.

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI), announced that its overall sales in September of this year is the second highest ever recorded in HCPI’s sales history with a total of 2,520 vehicles sold. The highest recorded sales achievement of HCPI was in March of the same year, with 2,663 vehicles sold.

In the passenger car segment, Honda’s September sales grew by 57% from its August sales. A total of 1,747 units were sold in September, a significant increase from 1,113 units sold in the previous month. Honda’s biggest contributor in this segment is still the Honda City, with 847 units sold in September alone.

Another significant contributor to Honda’s sales in the passenger car segment is the All-New Honda Civic, with 602 units sold in September alone. HCPI is committed to bring in more units of the All-New Honda Civic in the future, especially with the market’s increasingly favorable response since the 10th generation Civic’s launch last April. 1,443 units of the All-New Honda Civic were already delivered to Honda’s dealerships nationwide from June to September. It is now readily available for interested customers.

As for Honda vehicles in commercial segment—which includes the Mobilio, the HR-V, and the CR-V—sales grew by 48% from August to September. This segment also achieved a 70.5% growth in Year-To-Date (YTD) sales, owing to the 6,457 units sold from January to September 2016 compared to the 3,787 units sold in the same period of 2015. Moreover, the Mobilio still edges out its main competitor and remains to be the best-selling 1.5-liter MUV in the market with 3,889 units sold from January to September of 2016.

HCPI seeks to continue its sales momentum by relentlessly providing the market with an unparalleled driving experience from more vehicles with high-quality features. The All-New BR-V, Honda’s 7-seater SUV launched last September at the 6th Philippine International Motor Show, is another vehicle poised to satisfy the needs of the market, especially in the SUV segment. Filipino families can count on the All-New BR-V’s 7-seating capacity, masculine exterior design, conveniently-sized body, advanced features, and top-notch safety technology. Reservations for the All-New BR-V are ongoing, and the deliveries are to begin in December 2016.


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