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HondaPH puts out a preventive recall for select 2011-2014 Jazz, City and CR-V models

Honda Cars Philippines, Inc. (HCPI) calls for a voluntary preventive measure campaign for select Jazz (2012-2013), City (2012-2014) and CR-V (2011) sold in the country due to a suspected defect in the driver’s airbag inflator.

Although the said concern remains unconfirmed, the campaign is HCPI’s proactive action to ensure the safety of the owners of the affected vehicles to avoid any unfortunate circumstance should the problem occur. To date, no accidents nor injuries were reported related to this concern in the Philippines.

HCPI requests all the owners of the affected vehicles to call and contact any authorized Honda Car dealership for service appointment. Replacement and repair of the affected inflator will take only one (1) hour and no cost will be charged to the customer for both parts and labor.

HCPI sincerely apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause the owners of the vehicles. For more information, customers may contact authorized Honda Car dealerships and service centers nationwide or call Honda by phone at (02) 857-7240 or email update@hondaphil.com. Customers may visit HCPI’s website www.hondaphil.com for the complete list of frame numbers of affected vehicles. Below is the table of information of the affected vehicles:


CITY 2012 PADGM1530CV305701 PADGM1640CV308430 3540
2012 PADGM2650CV310291 PADGM2650CV314045 3755
2013 PADGM1530DV407501 PADGM1640DV411190 4560
2013 PADGM2660DV400001 PADGM2650DV414945 3480
2014 PADGM1530EV509301 PADGM1640EV511250 240
2014 PADGM2660EV502311 PADGM2660EV502550 240
Jazz 2012 MRHGE6730CP020211 MRHGE6830CP020600 450
2012 MRHGE8850CP021232 MRHGE8850CP021892 660
2012 JHMGE8880CS201862 JHMGE8880CS207522 600
2013 MRHGE6830DP020001 MRHGE6830DP020330 510
2013 MRHGE8850DP020001 MRHGE8850DP021260 1259
CR-V 2011 MRHRE1730BP010121 MRHRE1850BP010690 270
2011 MRHRE4840BP030211 MRHRE4840BP030270 60
TOTAL 19,624