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HinoPH joins PhilBus 2017

Hino Motors Philippines (HMP), the exclusive local distributor of Hino trucks and buses, cemented its unique position as one of the major truck and bus manufacturers in the country, held recently held PhilBus & Truck 2017.

Hino showcased two of its popular models — the Commuter Bus and the SS2P Tractor Head during the trade expo, which ran from July 14 to 16, 2017 at the SMX Convention Center. The Hino Commuter Bus, which has a light but sturdy body structure, with a seating capacity of 22 people, is designed to offer safety, reliability and comfort in any kind of travel.

The SS2P Tractor Head, the newest addition to the Heavy-Duty 700 series, features a heavy-duty body powered by a Hino P11C engine with a 16-speed transmission. The Euro 3-compliant unit boasts power steering, 400-liter tank capacity and up to 60,000kg of load capacity.

PhilBus, the Philippines’ leading international bus and truck exhibit, aims to respond to the government’s call to address the nation’s fast-growing transport and logistics needs, resulting from the increased infrastructure forecast. The exhibit brought together top Philippine truck and bus manufacturers, parts and accessories distributors, and service center operators.

Transport operators are in constant need of buses and trucks that meet their requirements. HMP, with our legacy as a reliable transport provider, offers not only quality buses and trucks but chassis and truck body customization as well. HMP offers end-to-end services to our clients — from design, production to assembly of units and customized maintenance services. HMP has produced various customized vehicle bodies, including mobile hospitals, mobile libraries, mobile trial courts, and even Outdoor Broadcast vans. With its experience and expertise, HMP aims to be the “one-stop shop” every transport operator and businessman needs,” shares HMP Chairman Mr. Vicente T. Mills, Jr.

For more than 40 years now, HMP has been a full-service shop catering to the bus and truck needs of small to medium businesses (SMBs) and large companies alike. By offering high-quality and customized trucks and bus chassis and bodies to these various businesses and industries, HMP helps pave the way for a more sustainable and profitable transport system.