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Ever heard of Pagani Automobili Hypercars?

For hardcore motorheads, hypercars represent the ultimate in automotive technology, a notch above supercars in terms of performance, technology, design, luxury, exclusivity, and rarity. With price tags in the millions of dollars, hypercars exist only in the rarefied world of the rich and famous, and ordinary mortals might never get to see one in their lifetime, except on a movie screen—or in a scale model box.

Some hypercars offered in the market are the Bugatti Chiron, the Lamborghini Centenario, and the Porsche 918. Exclusively creating only hypercars, Pagani is a marque that many Filipino motorists may not be familiar with. Founded in 1992 by Argentinian Horacio Pagani, the company is based in the Motor Valley, just outside of Modena, Italy, and is manned by just 130 employees.

The Pagani Zonda was first introduced at the 1999 Geneva Motor Show. Although it does not share the names of its customers, it is well-known that Lewis Hamilton owns a purple 2012 Pagani Zonda.

The Pagani Huayra, which was featured in the 2013 Transformers 4 movie, retails for US$2.5-million. It has a top speed of 378kph, and 0-100kph acceleration time is 3.2-seconds. Only about 40 units are built each year.

How do you recognize a Pagani? Its most distinctive feature is the 4-tube exhaust—the Quattro Scarichi, in Italian—coming together in a circle.

There are currently no Pagani hypercars in the Philippines, but that may change very soon!