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Ecooter Philippines Makes Electromobility Even More Affordable With The New ET1 and EH2 Electric Scooters

After the successful launch of the Ecooter E1+, E2L and E2R electric scooters models in August 2019, Sobeler Corporation continued to gather the feedback of satisfied customers and prospective buyers about their electric scooter offerings. The company noted that the 2.5 kilowatt E2L (shown above) generated more sales among riders because of its dual battery capability and sub-P100k price of P95,000 while the P190,000 E2R pulled the heartstrings (and purse strings) of performance motorcycle aficionados because of its powerful 4.2 kW electric motor that generates 165 Newton-meters of torque. Despite being well-engineered and stylishly designed, the E1+ lagged behind in sales because of its higher price tag of P115,000.

Not one to rest on their laurels, the marketing department of Sobeler Corporation scoured the Ecooter electric scooter line-up to offer more affordable variants that offer the same performance and quality as the E1+, E2L and E2R models. After a thorough study and evaluation, the company decided on bringing in the electric scooter models that run on lead-acid batteries to complement their models that run on the more expensive lithium-ion ones. While the charging time for the lead-acid models became a bit longer and the range became a bit shorter, the new models can still cover the average travel distance that riders cover in a day. Ecooter Philippines proudly unveiled their latest models – the Ecooter ET1 and the EH2.

Most Affordable Electric Scooter

Billed as the most affordable stylish electric scooter in the country today, the lightweight and svelte Ecooter ET1 is motivated by a 1.5 kilowatt electric motor that makes 100 Newton-meters at full twist. The motor is mounted in an enclosed assembly along with a Gates drive belt that transfers the power to the drive hub. Instead of a single swing arm design like the E1+, the ET1 has dual rear swing arms that are controlled by two coil-over shock absorbers. Two 10-inch  5-spoke alloy wheels shod in a 3.00-10 Kenda tires provide two contact patches to connect the ET1 to the terra firma quite firmly. Like the E1+, its sealed drivetrain allows the ET1 to be ridden in the wet and over shallow floods.

A 70-volt 20 ampere-hour (70V 20Ah) lead-acid battery provides power to the electric motor and gives the ET1 a travel distance of 85 kilometers when fully charged. When connected to the included 220V charger, the battery takes around 8 hours to completely charge using the port in the scooter. Unlike the E1+, the battery of the ET1 is NOT removable so charging requires an accessible electric outlet or a very long extension chord if there isn’t one nearby. On paper, Ecooter claims that the ET1 can achieve a top speed of 60 km/h, which is just enough to keep up with traffic in the city. A quick ride made us feel that it can go even faster.

High Tech Value For Money

To keep prices down, the ET1 is equipped with a traditional and simple front fork instead of the complex single arm inverted front fork / single-sided steering stem of the E1+. However, the handling performance and the agility of the ET1 is on par with its more expensive sibling despite the more common design. Like the E1+, the ET1 comes with a comfortable and thickly cushioned black saddle that is mounted low, which allows riders with shorter legs to reach the ground quite easily. Despite the fixed mounted lead-acid battery and the low seat height, the storage bin under the seat can still accommodate an open face helmet.

Like the E1+, the ET1 is brimming with features such as the Smart Key that unlocks the handlebar and turns the electronics on; the Power Button that activates drive; the Reverse function that allows the rider to slowly back out of an inclined parking space easily; Cruise Control that helps reduce hand fatigue; and Smart Mode that allows the rider to tailor the scooter’s performance from leisurely cruising to fast racing mode. The digital instrument panel is also similar to the E1+ and provides the rider with the necessary information needed.

A Rose Is a Rose By Any Other Name 

The second lead-acid electric scooter that was unveiled by Ecooter Philippines was the EH2, which could be considered like a first-generation E2L/E2R. Like its more expensive stablemates, the EH2 features a high-quality alloy frame clothe in stylish plastic panels. The floor of this electric scooter is a bit higher than the ET1 as is its ground clearance because of its bigger 12-inch aluminum alloy wheels wrapped with 90/90-12 rubber. The overall design is likewise more angular and futuristic.

Unlike the enclosed drivetrain of the ET1, E1+, and the E2L/E2R, the Gates drive belt of the EH2 is exposed to augment  the scooter’s rugged look and higher 2.5 kW power rating. A 60-volt 32 ampere hour (60V 32Ah) lead-acid battery with a charging time of 9 hours provides the juice for a riding range of roughly 100 kilometers. Like the E2, front and rear cross-drilled disc brakes rein in the EH2 from speeds, which can top at  a claimed 70 km/h.

Similarly Equipped Electric Scooters

Like the ET1, the EH2 is equipped with class-leading technology like the aforementioned Cruise Control, Reverse Gear, and Smart Mode plus the intelligent instrument panel, which is mounted more outwardly like that of a naked bike’s. Ecooter thoughtfully installed a wind deflector / plexiglass mini fairing to protect the instrument panel from glare, small flying debris, and the elements. Meanwhile, the compartment under the seat is large enough to store an open face helmet and some small nick-knacks. And as with the ET1, the lead-acid battery is NOT removable.

The engineers at Ecooter added a substantial margin of safety when they designed these scooters. Both the ET1 and the EH2 feature a built-in circuit breaker to provide protection for their electric components. And like their lithium-ion-powered counterparts, both the ET1 and EH2 can connect to the Ecooter App, that provides real time information like the battery level (even when they are away from the scooter), vehicle status, adjusting mode, and driving mode. The app can also remotely lock the scooter and provide real time GPS information, if you want to check the location of the scooter, or track it when somebody else is riding it.

Surprisingly Affordable Prices

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of things and find out what all these technology is worth. With four available color choices (Blue, White, Green, and Titanium Grey), the Ecooter ET1 electric scooter comes with all those feature at a very low suggested retail price of only P55,000. That’s a price that’s even lower than a gasoline-powered small-displacement underbone motorcycle. That’s an electrifying deal!

On the other hand, the slightly larger and edgier Ecooter EH2 is available in five colors (Red, White, Blue, Black and Green) and retails at only P71,000, which is another electrifying bargain, considering all its features. This only goes to show the commitment of Sobeler Corporation to provide clean and green mobility to our countrymen even when they have lean means because of the economic difficulties created by the pandemic.

If you’re interested in the Ecooter ET1 or EH2, please visit their showroom at the ground floor of the CSP Building, 173 Epifanio delos Santos Avenue (EDSA), Mandaluyong City, or call  0917 543 5678 / 0998 860 8133, or log on their Ecooter Philippines Facebook page. If you’re interested to become an Ecooter dealer, please call (+632) 8294 1803 / 8294 1839.

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