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CROXTEC Road Safety App is Now Available in the Philippines

Filipino balikbayan (returning resident) and entrepreneur Debbie Anne Macariola-St. John is a woman on a mission. She wants to prevent deaths and injuries caused by traffic accidents, or at the very least, minimize these incidents by warning the drivers and the pedestrians ahead of time. She paints a grim picture of road safety in the city. “Anybody who ventures out into the streets can be a potential target. As pedestrians, we can be hit by motorists, causing us severe injuries. Many pedestrians have figured in accidents that have resulted in terrible disabilities, unimaginable injuries, and countless loss of lives”, she warned. Indeed, statistics show that over 34 Filipinos die due to road accidents everyday. In Metro Manila alone, collisions average more than 200 incidents daily. Macariola-St. John likens a Philippine drivers’ license as a license to brandish a deadly weapon – the automobile.

Debbie Anne Macariola-St. John, President and CEO of Djanco Information Technology Solutions

With such grim statistics, everybody hopes for the day when pedestrian rights are prioritized and pedestrians are no longer threatened as “moving targets“. Macariola-St. John believes that road safety can be guaranteed for every road user, be it pedestrian or motorist. Thus, she left her home in the Bay Area in the United States and chose the Philippines as the pilot market of  CROXTEC, which is pronounced as “cross tech“. This pedestrian safety app is the flagship product of her technology ventures company, Djanco Information Technology Solutions, and she’s on a mission to make this app a game changer.

Macariola-St. John hopes to lessen, if not prevent fatalities from road accidents.

Downloadable Digital Early Warning Device

CROXTEC is envisioned to help stem and stop the rising number of road fatalities by providing an alert system to its users and providing an early warning alert to both driver and pedestrian if there is an impending danger. It is meant to help users become more mindful of the vehicles and pedestrians in the immediate vicinity. Once you sign in as a user, CROXTEC immediately identifies you as either a motorist or pedestrian and sends you alerts on whether you are in the Safe Zone, Caution Zone, or Unsafe Zone. CROXTEC is a free downloadable app available on Google play for Android phones. The catch is that it needs data for it to work effectively.

CROXTEC for motorists can help prevent collisions.

Macariola-St. John envisions CROXTEC to drive the Philippines, which has some of the busiest streets, thoroughfares and highways in Asia, into a future where the roads are safer for pedestrians and motorists every day. She is driven to push her company to create digital products and applications that will enhance smart city living and promote a more organized and safer urban environment. She hopes to spread CROXTEC’s application around Asia, and then the rest of the world in the foreseeable future. She is encouraging everyone to visit www.croxtec.com.ph and download the CROXTEC app today, for FREE.

Macariola-St. John, guest speakers and host James Deakin toasts to the success of CROXTEC.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About CROXTEC

1. What is CROXTEC?

CROXTEC is a mobile application that is designed to enhance pedestrian safety by helping you become more mindful of your own safety given the motorists and other pedestrians on the street. It is the app that sees you before the drivers see you. Once it is downloaded on your mobile device, users are asked to log on either as a pedestrian or a motorist. The app locates you and will alert you if you are in the corresponding CROXTEC zones and will aid you in determining your safety status as a pedestrian or a motorist.

2. When will CROXTEC be available for download and where?

CROXTEC will be available on Google Play starting June 18, 2019.

3. How much is the cost of downloading the CROXTEC app?

Good news! You can download CROXTEC for FREE!

4. Can it be used in both Android and iOS mobile phones?

Currently, CROXTEC is available in Android format only. There are plans to develop an iOS version . Watch out for further announcements.

5. What are CROXTEC’s inherent product benefits?

As a CROXTEC user, pedestrians and motorists will be alerted of their safety status once the app is switched on. This becomes important when pedestrian users are alerted of an on-coming vehicle if there is an impending collision. The app sees you before the driver sees you, and vice versa. This is also useful if visibility is not clear, so you can be alerted and remain safe.

6. What are the CROXTEC Zones?

The CROXTEC Zones for Pedestrians are defined as follows:

1. SAFE ZONE –the user is within a radius of 25 meters and more (>25 meters)
2. CAUTION ZONE – the user is within a radius of 16 meters to 25 meters (>16 meters up to 25 meters)
3. UNSAFE ZONE – the user is within a radius of less than 16 meters (<16 meters)

The CROXTEC Zones for Motorists are defined as follows:

1. SAFE ZONE – the user is within a radius of more than 75 meters (>75 meters)
2. CAUTION ZONE – the user is within a radius of 31 meters to 75 meters (>31 meters up to 75 meters)
3. UNSAFE ZONE – the user is less than 31 meters (<31 meters)

7. How does CROXTEC alert users?

CROXTEC alerts users in 3 ways, namely:
? Vibrate
? Tone
? Voice

8. What are the audio alerts?

The audio alerts for pedestrians are as follows:
? Safe Zone: “You are in the safe zone. All clear!”
? Caution Zone: “Be mindful of incoming motorists. Take caution!”
? Unsafe Zone: “You are in the unsafe zone. Be alert!”

The audio alerts for motorists are as follows:
? Safe Zone: “You are in the safe zone. All clear!”
? Caution Zone: “Be mindful of incoming pedestrians. Take caution!”
? Unsafe Zone: “You are in the unsafe zone. Be alert!”

9. Can CROXTEC be customized?

Yes. Djanco Information Technology Solutions can customize the mobile app for a potential strategic partner or for special purposes.

10. Do you need data connection to run CROXTEC in your mobile phone?

Yes, data connection is needed to run it on your mobile phone.

11. Will CROXTEC interfere with other apps that you commonly use on your mobile phone?

CROXTEC can be kept running in the background while you are enjoying other apps on your smart phone. Once the app is switched on, it can continue to detect your location and movement and will provide the appropriate alerts.

12. Who can we contact if we have any further inquiries or questions about CROXTEC?

Please send an email to admin@croxtec.com.ph.

13. What is the website address of CROXTEC?

Please visit www.croxtec.com.ph