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CALTEX introduces the all new Platinum 95 with Techron®

CALTEX yesterday introduced the all new Platinum 95 with Techron®, with the new Clean and Glide Technology. Replacing Gold 95 with Techron®, This revolutionary fuel is certainly a welcome development in the local automotive industry and the consuming public

Peter Morris, General Manager of Chevron Philippine,s discussed the advantages of the new Techron fuel (95 octane) and how it cleans and lubricates the engine internals, therefore producing a 3% more fuel economy while minimizing the dreaded internal component friction.

Meanwhile, Greg Engeler, Product Engineering Manager, discussed in detail how the Techron fuel works in the internal combustion engine. He also shown charts and graphs of the development and results, based upon studies and actual usage in multiple kinds of automotive transportation.

The new and improved Caltex with Techron® offers motorists a 5-Star fuel with five enhanced benefits – improved fuel economy, maximized power, reliable performance, lower emissions and a smoother drive.

  • Improved fuel economy: A clean engine ensures that your fuel-to-air ratio is optimized, allowing your vehicle to take full advantage of the energy in your fuel. Only Caltex has the proven cleaning power of Techron®. It cleans your fuel system to ensure an engine runs more efficiently, helping you travel further on less fuel.
  • Maximized power: In order to perform at maximized power, your engine requires unrestricted air and fuel delivery which cannot happen when deposits have clogged your vehicle’s valves and port fuel injectors. Techron®’s unique chemistry is proven to remove and protect your engine from deposits in these critical areas. Clean & Glide technology further helps to reduce friction, helping maximize power.
  • Reliable performance: A cleaner engine means you can trust your vehicle to perform reliably everyday by ensuring optimum combustion and enhancing drivability. Techron removes dirty engine deposits to help your car start smoothly, without stuttering. Clean & Glide technology further helps to reduce wear which helps enhance engine protection.
  • Lower emissions: Our unique formulation prevents harmful deposits which can cause increased exhaust emissions of hydrocarbons, oxides of nitrogen and carbon monoxide.
  • Smoother drive: A vehicle with an efficient and clean fuel system is more responsive than a car that is choked up with deposits. This gives you a smoother ride and enhanced drivability.