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BridgestonePH makes a statement: “HINDI PWEDE ANG ‘PWEDE NA ‘YAN”

Motorists, young and old alike usually take their tires for granted. Priorities range from the paint job, sound system and interior enhancements, Sadly, tires rank among the lowest in terms of choices. It’s a common belief that all tires, regardless of manufacturers, are basically the same. Use it until the tread are used up, and then buy another set. Some even go to cheap brands despite of the inferior quality, and that is dangerous.

This is where Bridgestone Philippines makes a stand. Your tires are the only thing that stands between you and the road, and you must never take it for granted.

One of the most important safety features of your car is your tires. When it’s safety at stake, you can’t settle for anything less than exceptional. Bridgestone Philippines believes that it is worthwhile to address this importance. “Hindi na pwede ang pwede na,” says Ruby Gan, Bridgestone Philippines’ marketing division rep, who helped come up with this idea for the brand herself. “What many fail to realize is that many accidents and road mishaps would not have happened with quality tires. This is why Bridgestone hopes to educate drivers about tire importance. Go back to basics.”

In a series of information drives and events, Bridgestone Philippines is set to push the Hindi Na Pwede Ang Pwede Na ‘Yan campaign throughout the year. Starting with gathering the motoring media in a driving and tire testing event, encouraging every member of the press to be confident and educated drivers. The media was able to engage in special driving segments that allowed each participant to see the difference between quality Bridgestone tires and their opposite.

The first segment put a bald tire and a new tire with proper remaining tread depth to the test. This allowed each participant to discover and actually experience how crucial good tires are when it comes to driving on wet surfaces—a major concern especially with the looming rainy season.

The second segment, on the other hand, put an under inflated tire and a tire with proper inflation pressure to the test. This allowed the media to see how important tires are when maneuvering and controlling the vehicle—from dodging a deep pothole to avoiding anything that falls from the vehicle ahead.

At the event, the Free Tire Check Service program of Bridgestone Philippines was also formally launched. This free service is available at all Bridgestone Tire Centers (http://bridgestonetires.com.ph/tire-center) in the Philippines. This is the brand’s way of reaching out to more drivers across the country in their mission to make tire knowledge accessible and free.

The event also featured in-depth discussions and stories on everyone’s motoring concerns. What will ensure driving safely in the city? How can quality tires deliver better mileage, fuel efficiency, less carbon footprint? Just why are tires so important? What are the biggest motoring myths that must be debunked? Bridgestone Philippines definitely took the challenge, answering pressing questions, providing ultimate solutions, inspiring driving safety and confidence, and most importantly, leading the way in cultivating a city of truly better motorists.

Bridgestone emphasizes that the tires play a crucial role in safety, handling, and fuel economy, among many others. It is essential to have quality, well-maintained tires more than anyone can imagine, so if there’s one thing anyone shouldn’t scrimp on, they’re those black round rubbers that are in contact with the road all the time.” Like any purchases, you must get your moneys worth, and tires are no exception. In fact, tires should be listed at the top of the tiers.


Photos by Shawie Dizon