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Bosch Automotive Aftermarket Launches “Blue Line Brake Pads” and the “Next-Generation Everyday Bosch Autoparts”


Bosch Automotive Aftermarket (AA) is making an advancement in its commitment to ensure safety in road traffic by launching the Bosch Blue Line Brake Pads.

We at Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, always advocate for safer cars and safer roads. Braking components such as brake pads play a crucial role in car safety.” said Paulo Duarte, General Manager of Bosch Philippines.

We are always committed to progress by making essential contribution toward advancing technical progress in brake technology. Bosch brake innovations have been supporting road safety for more than 90 years.” he added.

Bosch Blue Line Brake Pads is engineered to be the best alternative to OE– with excellent friction stability and shearing characteristics, low noise and vibration suppression, brake disc friendly, good wear rate and asbestos-free formula.

1 High strength back plate material Reduced pad flex
2 Vehicle-matched friction formulation Reliable performance in all driving conditions
3 Slotted friction material* Reduced noise for maximum driver comfort
4 Noise suppression shims*
5 Chamfered friction material*
6 Wear indicators* Warning for when to change pads

*This feature will vary based on the vehicle application

Another product introduced by Bosch is the ENV6 Brake Fluid which is compatible in a wide range of vehicle application especially the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). Bosch ENV6 is characterized by low viscosity, high boiling point and good lubrication.

Innovation is what drives Bosch over the years. In addition to the launch of brake components, Bosch AA showcased the Next-Generation Autoparts which are made of enhanced elements designed to give you more power and comfort while on the road every day. These Next-Gen Autoparts will also be available in the market soon.


Bosch AGM Battery“Your superhero, Every Day”  is a high-performance battery designed to deliver reliable and long-lasting power to your vehicle with start-stop system. It is made using advanced Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology, which ensures that it is maintenance-free and have a longer lifespan than traditional lead-acid batteries. The Bosch AGM battery is engineered to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh driving conditions, making it ideal for use in a wide range of vehicles, including luxury cars, high-performance sports cars, and heavy-duty trucks

Bosch EFB Battery“Your superhero, Every Day” is a reliable and high-quality battery option for vehicles that require an enhanced flooded battery. This battery is designed with advanced technology to provide superior performance and longer service life compared to traditional flooded batteries. Bosch EFB battery is built with a durable and rugged construction that is resistant to vibrations and shocks. It is designed to deliver high starting power, making them ideal for vehicles with high electrical demands, such as those with entry level start-stop. Bosch EFB battery is also equipped with a special acid circulation system that ensures an even distribution of acid throughout the battery, which reduces the risk of acid stratification and extends the battery’s service life.

Bosch Aeristo Premium Cabin Filter“Keep uninvited guests out, Every Day” it is developed for superior air quality and improved health benefits for all vehicle occupants. Bosch Aeristo Premium Cabin Filters neutralizes harmful gasses, fine dust particles and has an additional layer which filters viruses and bacteria. It has a dedicated anti-allergy layer which renders allergens permanently harmless and eliminates bacteria; an activated carbon that absorbs harmful gases and unpleasant smell; an ultra-fine microfiber which filters fine dust particles (up to 0.3 microns), soot and pollen; a carrier fleece that stabilizes the filter layers, enables optimum performance; and reduction of deposits that protects the air conditioning, and provides fresher air in the passenger cabin.

Bosch LED Gigalight – “Light Your Way, Every Day”   the latest addition to the Bosch LED Retrofit range of advanced, energy-saving vehicle lamps for the front headlights. With their white color they offer an elegant lighting effect and are compatible with most common halogen sockets. Bosch LED lamps are ideal for drivers who want their vehicle to have a stylish and modern lighting effect.

Bosch Aerotwin with new AeroClip adapter –“Clear View, Every Day”  an aerodynamically optimized connection between wiper blade and wiper arm – increases the contact pressure against the windshield, preventing the wiper from being lifted by the airstream. The result is improved wiping stability performance, even at higher speeds. The Aerotwin with AeroClip adapter also features the Power Protection Plus (PPP) wiper rubber with its patented coating and long-life formula. Since a special additive makes the rubber of the wiper blade more resistant to wear and environmental influences, it lasts even longer.

Bosch EVO Spark plugs“Resists Corrosion, Every Day” engineered to ensure reliable ignition throughout its long service life – even under extreme conditions in modern engines. Thanks to its improved insulator design and high dielectric strength (greater than 45 kV), the new EVO spark plugs can withstand irregular combustion – known as mega knocking – that can occur in modern, technologically advanced engines. Bosch EVO spark plugs are developed and produced with the same high quality as original equipment spark plugs.

Bosch AA also launched an E-Catalogue designed with specific functions depending on roles – distributor, retailer, workshop, or a car owner. You can now check Bosch Autoparts 24/7, no matter where you are. This E-Cat will help you find the right Bosch parts for your vehicle. Options are provided whether you search for a vehicle or a Bosch product. Bosch E-Catalogue can be accessed via this link: https://ap-ecat.boschaftermarket.com

Lastly, Bosch AA highlighted its authorized retailer program, the Bosch Module Partner (Bosch branded workshop) – a way you can differentiate your workshop from your competitors and be recognized as a quality workshop, backed by Bosch. Benefits of Bosch Module includes instant recognition for quality – provided with Bosch signage, product banners and workwear; access to technical support and product training; increase efficiency through digitalization and be rewarded with Bosch eXtra Loyalty Program – earning points when you purchase Bosch parts and products through an application available in Apple iOS and Google Android.