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Better Vehicles for Better Internet Connectivity

Fiber Infrastructure and Network Services Inc. (FINSI) is one of the country’s leading providers of towers, infrastructures, and other services essential to telecommunications and technology industries. FINSI serves companies in the business of creating connections such as Globe Telecom, among others. It’s a proudly-local solutions provider with grand ambitions!

Its vision: to become the leading local solutions provider for the telecommunications and technology industries.

Its mission: to accelerate the status of the Philippines as a well-connected nation.

Such a challenging goal. One that’ll require hard work and dedication for the good of the country. And that’s exactly why FINSI needed a dependable partner: Kia Philippines.

“We are on a mission to accelerate the Philippines into a connected nation, using innovative, leading-edge technologies and world-class local expertise,” said Mharicar Reyes, CEO of FINSI. “Our partnership with Kia will help our field teams with providing installation and maintenance services on the fiber network around the country.”

To be able to better provide said services, FINSI chose to rely on the Kia K2500 Karga. A great choice considering the specialization of this commercial vehicle. It’s a light truck that can haul both people and objects. That makes it ideal for FINSI’s line of business whose operations usually involves the transportation of both heavy tools and manpower.

  • The K2500 Karga is available in both 4×2 and 4×4. Field teams can confidently go and accomplish tasks wherever it may be, whether it’s inside the city or on rough roads outdoors. Even rural areas can be reached by the services of FINSI which coincides with the company’s mission.
  • Its 2.5L CRDi engine is both powerful and fuel-efficient. This allows FINSI to work on turning its vision into reality in the most cost-effective and sustainable manner possible.
  • The ergonomics of the K2500 Karga is designed to provide maximum comfort for the valued personnel of FINSI. It even comes with rear aircon vents so that even those sitting at the back can stay cozy. Because nothing is more important than providing the best working conditions for the people who strive to improve and advance connectivity in the Philippines.
  • Of course, the K2500 Karga employed by FINSI are backed by reliable after-sales perks. It comes with a 3-Year/110,000 kms Warranty and a 3-Year free 24/7 Roadside Assistance. Kia also has a nationwide network of service centers always ready to serve to prevent unexpected happenings from hindering FINSI in reaching company goals.

According to Bob Palanca, COO of Iconic Dealership, Inc., the branch of Ayala in charge of Kia dealerships: “Providing great customer experience before and after sales is our top priority, especially for fleet owners. Kia always aims to give the best care and support possible, so that companies can feel maximum value for money and be more inspired to provide valuable service to the Philippines and its people.”

As of today, thirty K2500 Karga units have already been turned over to FINSI. The company and its employees are now better equipped to realize their mission and vision. And by doing so, FINSI will also further empower and inspire Filipinos nationwide.

With Kia providing transportation solutions that allows FINSI to spread the fiber network around the country, more Filipinos will have access to stable internet connections. More opportunities will be opened for them. More will be able to start creating and contributing to make our country and world a better place.

This is what Movement That Inspires stands for. Kia is honored and grateful for being chosen by FINSI as a transportation solutions provider. With such an auspicious partnership, the mission and vision of both companies are now much closer to being fulfilled.

Consider adding the Kia K2500 to your fleet. Choose from its many different variants: Double Cab Dropside, Single Cab Dropside, Kargo, Karga (the one chosen by FINSI), Closed Van, and Cab & Chassis. Regardless of variant, you can rest assured that Kia’s got your back with this hard working and dependable commercial vehicle. As Manny Aligada—President Kia Philippines—once said:

“The Kia K2500 is one of the ways Kia Philippines can inspire and care for companies. It is spec’d and packed with features that make business operations so much easier.”

Contact your nearest Kia dealership or visit www.kia.com/ph to learn more about the K2500 and other Kia vehicles. For more updates about Kia, like and follow Kia Philippines on Facebook and Instagram and subscribe to their YouTube channel.