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Autohub Group Launches Painthub, Their Latest Innovative Venture

The Autohub Group, an assemblage of automotive, motorcycle and related businesses headed by maverick businessman Willy Tee Ten, marked another milestone with their latest brainchild – the Painthub, a high-quality automotive care facility that specializes in body and collision repairs, paint and car restoration. Situated in a 6,000-square-meter compound at 37 Elisco Road, Barangay Kalawaan, Pasig City, Painthub officially opened its doors to the public on May 15, 2019.

The facade of the Painthub workshop building.

“I am proud to introduce Painthub, another innovative component of the Autohub Group, as we celebrate our 20th year in the automotive industry”, announced Willy Tee Ten, the president of the Autohub Group. “Autohub20 is to Accelerate, Innovate, and Move. Painthub fulfills the part of our campaign to innovate the Body and Paint Division across all Autohub Group brands and beyond. Partnering with the Philippines’ foremost expert in car restoration, AEGI, is what I envisioned our group would have since I started Autohub Car Care Services (ACCS).”

Autohub Group president Willy Tee Ten explains the concept behind Painthub.

Alex Isip emphasizes his goal on helping develop the workers’culture.

Allen Pascual, Dani Mojica, Alex Isip, Willy Tee Ten, Owee Cruz and Yna Almoro toasts to the success of their latest venture.

Painthub started as part of ACCS at its old Otis workshop in 2006. It quickly established its position in the market and began to expand its offerings. Its commitment to employing experienced technicians who are experts in their field and the most advanced technology has made it the go-to car care service provider of industry leaders and discerning customers. Partnering with AEGI, an automotive Technical, Training and Development team with a combined experience of over 35 years, moves Painthub further forward and raises the standard of industry practice. It elevates customer experience and satisfaction by creating bespoke solutions to automotive concerns. Innovation and precision work are offered to every Painthub customer.

Painthub has a sprawling 6,000-sq.m. workshop area that Tee Ten predicts will be filled to capacity in a year.

Designed to provide premium auto care services to all motorists, Painthub can accommodate up to 400 to 500 vehicles every month. Its sprawling space is maintained and updated with the best industry protocols. The workshop is divided into several sections that focuses on initial vehicle inspection and assessment, disassembly, metal work and body repair, paint, assembly and final inspection and quality control. Painthub has three spray booths, three oven painting areas, a fully equipped paint mixing room and lifters in the vehicle assembly area.

Painthub’s experienced body works artisans at their station.

The facility has three spray booths equipped with plastic curtains to contain the materials inside.

Paint Mixing Room has ample supplies of automotive colors for each requirement…

… equipped with the latest paint mixing and color matching technologies…

… and a high-tech swatch painting area with a paint fume extractor system.

There are 3 painting ovens and each is fully equipped and assigned to a particular painter.

The cleanliness and operation of each painting oven is maintained by the assigned painter.

Each area is manned by a highly-trained technician who is not only equipped with the right tools to do the job properly but is also tasked to ensure that the tools are in perfect working order or calibrated to specifications. he or she is also tasked to maintain cleanliness in his respective work area. “We planned Painthub to have a fast turn-around, just like the business model of fast-food chains, so we equipped each of our guys with the tools needed”, explained the Autohub Group president. “Having the right mindset is equally important as having the right tools, so we also invested in not just skills training but in motivational and attitudinal training as well.”

After the painting process, the vehicle is turned over to the men of the Buffing Area…

… and then to the technicians at the Assembly Area…

… before being parked at the Finishing Area for final inspection and quality control.

Painthub has a classroom-type training room to update the skill level of each technician.

Painthub appears to be a natural evolution for the Autohub Group, which began in 1998 with its first automotive dealership, Ford Makati. The company quickly grew into one of the top car dealerships and auto service groups in the country and became the Philippine distributor of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Pagani hyper cars, Lotus sports cars, MINI lifestyle vehicles, Vespa scooters, APE delivery vehicles, UM motorcycles, Saleen performance products fir the Ford Mustang, V-Kool automotive tint, and various other innovative and unique motoring-related products, as well as car rental company and a leasing provider.

An elegant Rolls-Royce Wraith added glamour and pizzazz to the Painthub launch.

“As the Autohub Group progresses with its vehicle distributorships and dealerships of various brands, we were compelled to ensure that the aftermarket services we offer to our customers, such as paint and body repairs, are of the same par as the services in our distributorships and dealerships or even higher“, added Tee Ten. ” We are planning to open up several more Painthub branches in the North and South for the convenience of our customers. We are planning to turn one of these Painthub branches into an exclusive workshop just for our pickup truck and van customers so the spare parts, matching paint, and replacement body panels will all be at one location to speed up the repair and restoration process.”

Tee Ten sees more Painthub workshops rising up in the near future to specialize in assigned vehicle types.

“The Autohub Group prides itself on offering not only iconic lifestyle automobiles but a unique kind of service and exclusive products as well”, explained Tee Ten. “Painthub is just the start. There’s more to come as we Aim Up, Autohub!”