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Arouse Your Senses: All-New Mazda3 Moves Mazda Further Towards Premium Class

Bermaz Auto Philippines, the official distributor of Mazda vehicles in the country, showcased five variants of the much-anticipated all-new Mazda3 to an excited community of Mazda enthusiasts and members of the motoring press. The Mazda3 Elite 4-door Sedan and 5-door Sportback variants come with the highly fuel-efficient 1.5-liter Skyactiv-G engine while the Mazda3 Premium variants feature the more powerful 2.0-liter engine along with additional safety and comfort features. The all-new Mazda3 pioneers the new era of Mazda Premium by elevating the nameplate’s already exceptional driving experience together with even higher levels of design, craftsmanship, engineering and safety.

The all-new Mazda3’s mission is to amaze and delight customers all over the world. To achieve this, Mazda has applied its human-centric philosophy for dramatic improvements in every area: design, driving performance, NVH, environmental performance, and quality feel. “We are proud to finally introduce the all-new Mazda3 to the Philippine market”, shared BAP president and CEO, Steven Tan. “Mazda has raised the standards of quality, craftsmanship and safety to never-before experienced levels in this class. Through exquisite design, superior finish, refined quietness and engaging vehicle dynamics, owners of the all-new Mazda3 will surely experience class-above driving pleasure.” Tan added, “This is a bold new step for Mazda as we deliver on our promise to give our loyal customers the true premium driving experience they deserve.” More than 19,000 Mazda3s have been sold in the Philippines since its 2004 introduction into the country. This makes the Mazda3 the most successful Mazda model on record in the country.

Bermaz Auto Philippines President Steven Tan

Since its initial worldwide launch in 2003, the Mazda3 has sold more than 6 million units globally, delivering driving joy to customers around the world. As a core model in the Mazda lineup, it has always reflected the latest advances in Mazda’s vehicle engineering and manufacturing prowess while continuously raising awareness of the Mazda brand globally. The theme of development for the all-new Mazda3 was to make it “an object of universal desire”. Mazda designers and engineers sought to make a car that would evoke longing in any person. To achieve this end, a new definition of beauty that showcased the “less is more” Japanese minimalist aesthetic was adopted in the Mazda3’s design. This newfound philosophy was further echoed by the Mazda Vision Coupe, the Japanese car company’s award-winning concept car unveiled in the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. Without the usual character lines that defined traditional car designs, a cleaner more sophisticated presence was achieved. With the all-new Mazda3, these design cues take the shape of two distinct forms that personify works of art.

Award-winning Mazda Vision Coupe

Achieving a clean exterior finish is part of the design direction for the Mazda3. By hiding the windshield wipers, embedding the washer nozzles within the wiper assemblies, as well as hiding the traditional driver’s side key hole and adopting locking and unlocking sensors behind the main door handles and underneath the tailgate logo, Mazda designers achieved a cleaner and more mature air of premium quality that doesn’t rely on flamboyant and pretentious displays. The Mazda3 Sedan was made to appeal even more to those who respect tradition, conventional wisdom and rules while radiating beauty even at first glance while the Sportback is a realization of the “Beauty in Subtraction” in design.

All-new Mazda3 1.5 Elite 4-door sedan

All-new Mazda3 1.5 Elite 5-door sportback


To further strengthen the connection between car and driver, every aspect of the cockpit has been laid out in perfect symmetry. Consistent with the exterior design direction, the goal for the interiors of the Mazda3 was simplicity throughout based on the aesthetics of “less is more”. By removing visual noise, a cleaner cabin was realized without the loss of functionality. For a sophisticated design feel, master craftsmen or Takumi, were tasked to achieve a new level of Mazda premium feel in the Mazda3. Quality can be felt through sensory inputs when looking at, touching and operating the various cabin appointments in this highly refined interior. Ergonomic changes were adopted to make driving as natural and effortless as possible. Cupholders have been moved forward of the drive selection lever while a large center armrest with a “Karakuri” console lid mechanism has been adopted to make opening and closing the compartment lid easier and more in tune with the natural movements of one’s arms. Soft-to-the-touch surfaces abound with Mazda’s own grain designed to express the richness and warmth of genuine leather. And exclusive in the 2.0-liter Sportback is the newly-developed Burgundy interior color. With its deep, vivid look, this special red leather heightens the emotion of exterior design and creates a look that appeals to mature tastes.

Achieving the ideal driving position is a key design and engineering consideration in every Mazda vehicle. This is where driving pleasure begins. From the correct pedal placement and design that aligns where one’s right foot naturally falls, to a steering wheel that allows up to 70 millimeter of telescopic adjustment, to an adjustable seat that supports the pelvis and promotes a natural S-shaped curve with the driver’s spine, Mazda3 achieves a relaxed posture that takes the effort out of driving and allows one to focus on the road. By helping drivers of all sizes achieve the ideal driving position and a more natural movement when operating the vehicle, there is reduced muscle burden and minimal fatigue whether on short or long drives. A simplified, symmetrical layout of the dashboard, driver-oriented instrument panel and interior trims have all been adopted in the Mazda3 cockpit design. The user interface has been meticulously designed to make it easily understood and operated without shifting the line of sight. These are essential parts of achieving a safe and comfortable driving environment. A new windshield-projected Active Driving Display projects information such as vehicle speed, traffic signs, and navigation information as if it were 2.3-meters ahead. This reduces the time for one’s eyes to refocus from reading information and assessing the driving environment ahead. A 7-inch TFT LCD multimeter display shows a simplified layout of vehicle status information while a wider 8.8-inch display is utilized for the Mazda Connect infotainment system along with a more ergonomic and intuitive Command and Controller knob and switch layout.

The all-new Mazda3 will feature two engine options—the 152-horsepower 2.0-liter and the 110-hp 1.5-liter Skyactiv-G inline four-cylinder Double Overhead Camshaft (DOHC) gasoline engines. Both engineered to provide smooth and efficient power delivery, these engines remain to be the most technologically advanced naturally aspirated motors available in its class. Optimized intake ports and piston shape, split fuel injection and a coolant control valve all contribute to deliver high levels of dynamic performance, intuitive control, fuel economy and environmental friendliness. Designed to run even on 91-RON unleaded fuel, the Skyactiv-G engines provide more than ample power while maintaining everyday practicality and high fuel efficiency due to its use of high 13:1 compression ratios and direct fuel injection technology.

The product presentation given by Mikko David, BAP’s Senior Manager for Marketing and Press Relations, made the jaws of everybody in the audience drop and made the all-new Mazda3 even more desirable. The prices of the all-new Mazda3 are jaw-dropping awesome, as well with the 1.5-liter Elite Sedan at P1,295,000; the 1.5-liter Elite Sportback at P1,320,000; the 2.0-liter Premium Sedan at P1,495,000; the 2.0-liter Premium Sportback at P1,510,000; and the 2.0-liter Mazda3Speed Sportback at P1,590,000. And as a fitting finale, a representative of J.D. Powers presented the No. 1 in Customer Satisfaction Award for Mazda Philippines to BAP President and CEO Steven Tan, who shared it with the officers and staff of Bermaz Auto Philippines and their dealerships.

For more details about the all-new Mazda3, go to a Mazda dealership nearest you. There are 21 Mazda 3S dealerships located across the Philippines and Metro Manila – Mazda Greenhills, Mazda Pasig, Mazda Quezon Avenue, Mazda North EDSA, Mazda Makati, Mazda Alabang, Mazda Otis, Mazda Cavite, Mazda Sta. Rosa, Mazda Pulilan, Mazda Pampanga, Mazda Dagupan, Mazda Cabanatuan, Mazda Tarlac, Mazda Negros, Mazda Cebu, Mazda Iloilo, Mazda Cagayan De Oro, Mazda Davao, Mazda Butuan and now Mazda General Santos.