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An All-Around Family Vehicle: Next-Generation Ford Everest Owners Reveal What They Love About Their SUV

Since hitting Philippine shores last year, the next-generation Ford Everest continues to turn heads on the road as an SUV with uncompromising capability, safety, and comfort – perfect for family adventures and group road trips. But what exactly are the reasons why owners love their Ford SUV?

Proud owners of the next-gen Everest attest to the great driving experience that combines performance and technology with style and comfort.

The Latest in Driver-Assist Technologies
Having previously survived a vehicular accident, software engineer Zainal Limpao wanted a car equipped with the latest safety features.

I had a car accident last year. We knew right then and there that if we are to acquire a new car, our next vehicle needs to have the most advanced safety features,” Zainal says.

After weeks of deliberation, Zainal and his wife chose the next-gen Ford Everest. “We went to the Ford Island Conquest test drive event in Arcovia City to see the new Everest. From there, we decided that it was going to be our next vehicle,” he adds.

For digital experts Wence Wenceslao and partner Sue Pascual, the 12-inch digital instrument cluster helped convince them to get the next-gen Everest. “Gone are the days where we need to use our phone to use Waze or change songs on Spotify. Now all our apps are conveniently connected to the car screen. Sue and I also love the active park assist feature for easier maneuverability of the Everest,” shares Wence.

Consistently Reliable and Capable

Owners also attest to the driving power of the next-gen Everest. “Two of my new interests recently are off-roading and overlanding. With the next-gen Ford Everest’s selectable drive modes, we comfortably drove over different road conditions and surfaces with ease and reached our favorite destinations safely,” Zainal says.

Sue says the reliability of the next-gen Everest gives them the peace-of-mind to drive the vehicle to different places. “We own a previous model of the Everest, and it has been with us for six years now. Through the years, it has proven to be a reliable drive. We have been driving a Ford for many years now and not once has it given us a headache in terms of maintenance. It’s only a natural choice to upgrade to the next-gen Everest,” she says.

Proven Comfort

Even with its rugged look, the next-gen Everest boasts a comfortable drive and ride for its passengers. “My family loves the high-quality interior, the panoramic moonroof, ambient lighting and the overall ride comfort. With the next-gen Everest, the world became our playground as we’re able to travel and appreciate the beauty of our countryside.”

Wence and Sue appreciated the spaciousness of the vehicle as the passengers at the back-row were also given the comfort that they need–especially during long trips. “They can’t stop raving about the comfort aspect of the car! Everyone seated at the third row had a very comfortable experience with ample legroom,” recalled Sue.

Driving It Forward

Proud owners Zainal, Wence, and Sue are amazed with the capability and features of the next-gen Everest. In fact, Zainal was proud to have successfully recommended the next-gen Everest to three of his friends. “The two already made their respective reservations, while one already has a unit of his own.”

For Wence and Sue, the next-gen Everest easily has the best looks and overall design among SUVs within the same category. “It feels chic, neat, and sophisticated. Driving it in the metro is definitely an advantage as it’s more visible on the road.”

The next-gen Everest comes with a 5-year warranty to enhance the ownership experience. The longer warranty offering will cover the next-gen Everest for up to 5 years or total mileage of up to 150,000 kilometers, whichever comes first.

Customers can visit the Ford Everest page on the website to reserve their next-gen Everest. For more information, visit www.ford.com.ph or your nearest Ford dealer.