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3 Reasons Why HEVs Are The Future of Mobility and Sustainability

The automotive industry is shifting its focus on technologies catering to the value-driven behavior of consumers. With auto users seeking more innovative, cost-efficient, and sustainable options, it is foreseeable that more Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) will be seen on the road soon.

HEVs are eco-friendly vehicles that utilize the combination of gasoline engine and electric motor to reduce CO2 emissions with every ride. Seeing how HEVs promise a more sustainable future, Philippine Savings Bank (PSBank) partnered with Toyota Motors Philippines (TMP) for the “Say Hi to Hybrid Auto Loan’‘ promo, in pursuit of making eco-conscious mobility more accessible to Filipinos. The promo offers lower rates and free 1 year comprehensive insurance when availing the Toyota Corolla Cross 1.8V Hybrid and Toyota Corolla Altis 1.8V Hybrid CVT.

Below are reasons why HEVs are seen as the future of mobility and sustainability:


HEVs’ combined electric motors and gasoline engine optimize an energy management system that enables automatic shifting between the two based on detected speed. This technology improves the engine and motor performances by monitoring its movement, allowing the vehicle to make an efficient and timely transition as it adapts to cruising conditions.


With the electric motor used more frequently, the decreased consumption of gasoline helps in lessening CO2 emissions, allowing users to minimize their carbon footprint while carrying out daily activities. HEVs’ batteries last the car’s lifetime and are then fully recycled by the end of their use. Toyota collects discarded batteries and extracts rare materials for recycling.


Owning an HEV also proves to be a good investment as it minimizes monthly fuel spendings. The vehicle only requires the partial support of gasoline when accelerating faster as it recharges the electric motor. The stored power from the battery increases the fuel’s mileage, decreasing the need for constant refills.

With HEVs leading the change for a more sustainable lifestyle on the road, PSBank and TMP aim to make these vehicles more attainable to Filipinos through the Say Hi To Hybrid Auto Loan promo. This initiative also reflects PSBank’s brand promise “Simple Lang, Maaasahan” as the bank continues to innovate  to address the present and future needs of its consumers and society at large.

“People, especially the youth, are now taking the steps to lead a more eco-conscious lifestyle, and we at PSBank are more than happy to support this movement as much as we can,” said PSBank Senior Vice President and Marketing Division head Emmanuel A. Tuazon. “We hope that with this partnership to promote HEVs, we can empower Filipinos further in aiming for a more sustainable future,” he added.

“With this partnership with PSBank, we are excited to engage those who aspire for a more sustainable mobility and offer them an easy and convenient way to make that shift,” Elvin Luciano, Assistant Vice President and Marketing Services head said. “We would like to appeal especially to the younger generation of drivers who will be leading the drive for a better future,” he added.


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