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1987 Land Rover Defender Double Cab: Former Welch Cop Car Goes Stateside

(Editor’s Note: We were browsing through our favorite car trading website when we saw this 1987 Land Rover Double Cab for sale. We’ve seen several Landies before but this is the first double cab pickup version we’ve seen that we felt compelled to share it with you, our dear readers.) 

According to the seller, this 1987 Land Rover Defender Double Cab was a Welsh police vehicle that was retired, bought by a Land Rover enthusiast and exported to the United Sates. From the photos, it looks like a solid and clean vehicle with the factory Rover V8 under the hood. Since this classic off-road vehicle came from the Wales, it obviously has right-hand-drive (RHD).

This Landie has obviously seen some action in its past life as a police car. Overall, the vehicle is in good condition but there are a few marks and dings on the aluminum body. But this Defender carries its scars proudly and the next owner can just drive it off-road even into thick bushes and not worry about scratching the paint like what they’ll usually do with a brand-new 4×4 or a classic off-roader in pristine condition. The black wheels and chunky tires give it a tougher stance and enough grip and ground clearance to go where no mere off-roader may venture onto.

There are no carpets or mats inside the Land Rover, so it’s likely to be pretty noisy but it will also be pretty easy to clean when there’s mud and muck after an off-road expedition. The seats are covered with cloth instead of vinyl, the driver’s seat is a bit worn, the interior is quite dirty, and the seat padding needs to be replaced but overall, the interior just looks like it could use a little cleaning, especially if you’re going to take this Double Cab into the ruts. This Defender seats five people so there’s more muddy shoes, pants, and gloves to soil the upholstery.

The 3.5-liter Rover V8 under the hood was derived from the Buick V8. It makes around just around 130 horsepower but with a lot of torque, which makes this Defender a more effortless cruiser on the highway and a yak off the beaten path. A 5-speed manual transmission is mated to the V8 while power steering, power brakes, and air conditioning provide some driving comfort. The seller claims that it has only traveled 48,000 kilometers and that it is a blast to drive.

There are plenty of Double Cab 4×4 pickup trucks being driven around Metro Manila any given day, but a Land Rover Defender Double Cab pickup is something completely different. It is also something a bit different to tread the boondocks with your local 4×4 club members or even with your Land Rover club. We’re pretty sure there’s not a lot of 32-year-old 4×4 pickup trucks that look as ready to go off-roading as this Double Cab. Or perhaps, a little face lift and some accessories might help…