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ToyotaPH updates Vios and Yaris with DUAL VVT-i and CVT

Toyota Motor Philippines recently gave a back-to-back upgrade to the Toyota Vios and the the Toyota Yaris.  Now both equipped with all-new dual VVT-I engines and CVT transmissions.

This upgrade has given both vehicles a more powerful and fuel efficient drive with the new NR series Engine that is also equipped with Dual VVT-i and CVT (A/T variants). This specific improvement gives both cars better mileage and fuel economy, higher engine output, and decreased fuel emissions similar to other Toyota vehicles (such as the Altis, Camry, and Rav4). Furthermore, with the new Continuous Variable Transmission (A/T variants) the new Vios and new Yaris now have a 7-speed-like sequential shift mode compared to the 4-speed gearbox of the previous models.

Aside from the new engine for the Yaris, customers can expect a new sportier look to its interior seat fabric and a new dark silver face display for the audio head unit. This aesthetic change gives it a much more style-oriented feel proving that with the Toyota Yaris ‘A Little Style Goes a Long Way’. Similarly, the New Vios now comes with new chrome trims for fog lamps (G variant) that add to its exterior aesthetic. As for the colors of the new models, the New Vios comes in 2 new additional shades, alumina jade metallic and blackish red mica, while the New Yaris retains its standard color line-up.


2016 VIOS 1.5 TRD 1.5 G 1.3 E 1.3 J MT 1.3 BASE
*Alumina Jade Metallic O O
*Blackish Red Mica O
White Pearl O O
Thermalyte O O O O
Black O O
Orange Metallic O O O
Blue Mica Metallic O O
Red Mica Metallic O O
Freedom White O O

*New colors for the New Vios

2016 YARIS 1.5 G 1.3 E
Gray Metallic O
Orange Metallic O
Freedom White O O
Attitude Black O O
Silver Metallic O
Red Mica Metallic O
Frozen Blue Metallic O



1.5 TRD WP P 991,000
1.5 TRD P 976,000
1.5 G AT WP P 917,000
1.5 G AT P 902,000
1.5 G MT WP P 867,000
1.5 G MT P 852,000
1.3 E AT P 800,000
1.3 E MT P 750,000
1.3 J MT P 637,000
1.3 Base P 599,000


1.5 G AT P 883,000
1.3 E AT P 793,000
1.3 E MT P 743,000


So what are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Toyota Dealership to see for yourself how these new improvements make the New Vios and New Yaris more engine-ius and Stylish!

For more information on the new Vios and new Yaris, log on the Toyota Motor Philippines official website;www.toyota.com.ph or contact our Customer Assistance Center at 819 2912 or visit any of the 51 authorized Toyota dealers nationwide.


Photos by Neil Pagulayan