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Ricky’s Undas Tips

It wasn’t declared a long weekend this year to commemorate UNDAS. But if you’re still planning to make that trip to reunite with the family to remember your departed loved ones by visiting cemeteries or memorial parks this weekend, here are some reminders to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone.

1. You should first, plan, schedule the travel time and route to be taken before leaving your house.

  1. Make sure the vehicle you are driving is in good running condition. Check if you have the specified tire pressure, water or coolant topped up for your radiator. When was the last time you changed brake pads, had an oil change or had your air conditioning system cleaned? Make sure all your lights work. The battery is also important, your car should start with one click, it would suck if your family had out get out and push.
  1. Fill up your tank.
  1. Before you leave, secure the house especially if no one will be staying behind.
  1. Be sure that every family member is well rested the night before.
  1. Have a good meal before you leave and always have snacks handy in case you get the munchies on a long drive.
  1. Try to travel light and bring the essentials with you. Don’t forget to charge your gadgets before you leave. Having a full charge means one less person fighting for the USB or 12V socket.
  1. Wear comfortable clothing and footwear for the drive.
  2. Remember to be environmentally friendly, don’t throw your trash out the window, have a trash bag handy and dispose of it when you get to your destination.
  1. Be courteous and considerate on the road while driving defensively at the same time.Remember, the safety of your passengers or family is in your hands, they count on your expertise and decision making skills when driving.

Stay Safe and Enjoy your trip!!!

Text by Ricky Velasco