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FUSO Philippines Officially Launches New Fleet Management System

 In early 2020, the global pandemic began, and strict protocols had been implemented nationwide – which caused the automotive industry including trucking and logistics to temporarily shut down services as the challenges became difficult.

As the situation slowly normalize, the pandemic has brought huge changes in consumer behavior – causing e-commerce to expand in many ways toward new customers, new brands and businesses. To handle the situation, B2C industry changed their way to maximize digitalization including personalized customer experience.

FUSO Fleet Intelligence

To ensure your fleet is at maximum logistics efficiency and productivity, Fleet Intelligence enables an efficient process from trigger to resolution that is automated to your fleet operations. The design of this fleet management system provides real-time updates on your vehicle location and monitors driver behavior. You can also optimize your route by planning from historical route patterns, road traffic data, and fuel consumption trips. Aside from these workflows, it can also improve fleet security by keeping your vehicle to avoid cargo or fuel theft.

How can Fleet Intelligence help optimize your fleet operations?

Currently, existing FUSO customers are experiencing challenges with monitoring and managing assets of its fleet operations – common occurrences include cargo and fuel theft which can be reduced through this system. Operating costs, on the other hand, can also fluctuate depending on the variety of factors including fuel and vehicle maintenance. Thus, Fleet Intelligence helps you to identify variable costs and control how to reduce them.

With Fleet Intelligence, the main objective is to oversee and manage all fleet operations and increased profitability – by maximizing the business revenue and minimizing the overhead costs. Through web or mobile connectivity, you can track the entire fleet performance expediting fleet data and improving operational efficiency.

An initiative of Sojitz Fuso Philippines Corporation, the Fleet Intelligence will be available on the Canter FE71 through a promo from February 20 to March 31, 2023. From this period, customers will also receive a FREE 1-year subscription plan for full access to the application. To learn more, inquire now at your preferred FUSO dealership near you or fill-out www.fuso.com.ph/contact-us and our sales team will be glad to assist you.